Design Artefact 2 Final

“Break the cycle” campaign application
An application will be launched as part of this campaign promoting information on campaign objectives, event updates, customisable profiles and an online apparel trading marketplace.


Application marketplace
Break the Cycle’s marketplace is a platform for consumers to swap their apparels within the community. All they have to do is upload their apparels under “listings” and update what they’re looking for under “wishlist”. The marketplace is a great platform for fashion lovers alike to trade their wardrobe without breaking the bank or buying more apparels they have no need of. This platform will be a long-term initiative that hopes to create a more sustainable circular mindset of recycling apparels and reducing textile waste.

The marketplace is also extremely user-friendly, allowing for easy swapping by product types, range, brands and users. Hence, users will find it easier to navigate and find items that they are looking for. For user profile, users can state their size and style preference. Hence, users can find others within the community with a similar style that they are more likely to swap with.
There is also a my tickets” section which ties in with the swappable bazaar event and users can keep track of the type of clothing they can swap during the event.

I think this campaign application would be a great platform as compared to other online selling applications such as carousell that works on the idea of buying and selling. For online selling platforms, if sellers are unable to sell their apparels, they would most likely donate or dispose of it. On the other hand, by trading their apparels, they are able to lengthen the lifespan of each item of clothing and give it a new lease of life.

Hence, the application would be a great start towards a long-term solution for a sustainable fashion industry.





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