Design Artefact 1 Final

“Break the cycle” campaign logo and event tags

Break the cycle is a campaign launched as an initiative to promote a more sustainable business model, a platform that allows a longer lease of life for your apparels.

We believe that loved clothes last and we want to create a community that allows for an open exchange of apparels and ideas, to learn to fall in love with your wardrobe or someone else’s. Hence, the campaign hopes to create a circular mindset and culture of upcycling apparels and making conscious fashion decisions.

Campaign logo

The campaign is titled “Break the cycle”, which is to encourage consumers to break away from the current unsustainable cycle of buying and disposing of fast fashion apparels. The logo was designed to resemble that of a recycling logo with a spin of the slogan, “reuse, repair, recycle”. This is to encourage a circular mindset of reusing clothing or buying second-hand clothes, repairing and mending existing apparels and to recycle old apparels responsibly.

Logo Exploration

Conscious Fashion Week
It would be an annual event consisting of a bazaar held at selected tertiary institutions for students to swap their apparels within the local community as well as workshops held for students to learn more about making conscious fashion choices and ways of upcycling their apparels. This will be launched together with the campaign application which will be my second design artefact.

Target Audience
My main target audience would be millennials who are the largest consumers of fast fashion. The swappable bazaar will first be held at tertiary institutions given the nature of this event, it would be more convenient if it was held within a community which allows for an easier exchange of apparels. Furthermore, students in tertiary institutions are one of the largest consumers of fast fashion given its affordability and availability. The event will later be launched to the wider community once more awareness is garnered.

Campaign promotion
In order to garner more participation for this “swappable bazaar” event, tags with information detailing the event will be attached to clothing at popular retail places such as H&M–who already has a conscious fashion line–to promote the application as well as the event itself. Each tag would also come with a short description or “teaser” as to what the campaign is about.


To create a culture of change that currently thrives on an unsustainable system of buying and disposing of clothing. In order to do so, we must begin with ourselves, individual efforts on a collective scale. This starts with thinking differently about the way we buy and wear clothes, to be more mindful of the way we shop and the impacts of our actions. Where our sense of value is not defined by the latest trends, but by the stories behind our clothes so that it becomes an important piece of our wardrobe and is not easily replaceable or disposed of.


Our actions can change everything. We don’t need to boycott fast fashion brands, but we can demand better quality clothes that afford a better quality of life to the people who make them. Demand that each item we choose to buy and wear was made with dignity and made to last.






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