Final: My Line is Emo


Last Friday we had our final conclusion to our first 2D project: My Line is Emo. This project was definitely not an easy one especially when i encountered blocks in the creative process but through much perseverance and encouragement, I finally managed to pull through. I could say that I am pretty proud of the final outcome though some improvements could be made. For instance, some of the final pieces did not not reflect the idea behind the emotions as well as I thought.

Here are some shots taken from pages in my visual journal and I will briefly explain some of my favourite pieces.















Inspired by one of my reference artists, Hannah Quinlivan on her visit to Singapore, she spoke about how her visit to Singapore River inspired her. The historic sites and people in the area was what inspired her to create the sculpture entitled “Displacement”as well as paintings “Strands of Thought”, “Shades of Consciousness” and “After the Slipstream” . This made me think about my trip to the Himalayas and the emotions and experiences i felt during this trip.Hence I took a topographic map of the area and simplified it into contour lines in my work. I also chose to do it on black and white paper to symbolise the positive and negative emotions I felt throughout my trip.



Awkward pieces of paper fitted together.




whimsical flowy lines that resembles smoke.



A continuation of awkward, confident has lines that are fitted perfectly together .



Excitement has dynamic strokes full of energy




Overlying lines that resembles that of suffocation or the feeling of being tied down and restricted.



Project 1: My Line is Emo

For the past 4 weeks we have been experimenting with mark making using tools such as toothpicks, strings, springs and even plants! Each mark brings about a certain emotion or feeling through the curves and lines created.




IMG_5534 IMG_5531 IMG_5290

IMG_5289 IMG_5288 IMG_5287 IMG_5285 IMG_5284IMG_5178


We also had the opportunity to try lino cutting for the first time and this was my first attempt at it! It was really fun creating the textures and satisfying to see the end product. This project has been really fun so far ( despite the tight deadlines coming up) and i hope to experiment more with paint as well as other mediums to see what marks I can come up with.