Forrest Gump – Clockwork Orange

Clockwork Orange

The quote i picked out was actually “When a man cannot choose, he ceases to be a man.” But the screenshot I took from the movie came with the previous sentence so… please just ignore that part 🙂


Idea 1

When a man is not recognized and respected as one, his existent is similar of that of a chicken. We commonly know chicken as a ‘brainless’ animal and uses it as an insult to call others stupid. A waiter’s job is so serve the customer. In this case the waiter is serving chicken meat, meat of his own kind, What i am trying to communicate is that he might as well be a chicken, a livestock. Doing whatever he is told and not a thought of his own.


Idea 2

Here, I broke down the quote in to its key words.

1. Choose

The first definition that appears when I google the word ‘Choose’ is – to pick out (someone or something) as being the best or most appropriate of two or more alternatives. I immediately thought of chess and games where you make appropriate choices for your survival and victory.

2. Ceases

It means to come or bring to an end. So I used ropes to bind the player to prevent him from playing.

3. Man

The man in this quote refers to mankind and not the male gender specifically. When one ceases to be a man, then what is he? An animal? Livestock? Monster? I made used of the chicken from the previous idea.

This idea end up being too complicated and cryptic. Also it would be better if the imagery is related to the movie.


Idea 3

Idea no. 3 is base on the context of the movie. The protagonist went through a torturous experiment to fix his notorious behavior and after that, whenever he had a thought or will to harm anyone ever so slightly he would get a terrible nauseous headache.

The elements in the background – the cage and the iron maiden are signifies the torture and restriction. There are hands applauding the “puppet show” because the experiment in the movie was approved by the society as a cure to bad behavior. The person controlling the “puppet”‘s movement is Beethoven because his 9th symphony the second movement was used to control his emotions. So it is like Beethoven is conducting his movements.

The cage and iron maiden in the background were a little excessive because the puppeteer concept already implies control and restriction.

Here is a titbit – Beethoven’s Symphony no. 9. Perhaps listen to it while looking at my design. Hahaha. 🙂


Selected idea

This is the selected idea but I have to finish the story; it only tells the part where the man cannot choose. The part where he ceases to be a man is still missing. So I thought to combine the anthropomorphism idea to degrade the status of a man.

Selected idea iteration 1

The half-chicken half-man is not very obvious. The chicken’s head is too small.

Selected idea iteration 2

Since I cannot replace the head of the man with the head of the chicken as it would be too small to be identified, I placed a chicken in the background and link it to the “puppet” with the rooster’s tail attached to him. In this way, viewers can tell that he is becoming a chicken.

Selected idea iteratioin 3

I thought maybe it is quite hard to relate to the rooster because in the previous iteration; the tail cannot be seen. So I added one more rooster in the background, this time showing parts of the tail.

Selected idea iteration 4

Then I thought I should show the entirety of the chicken. But it looks out of place and odd.

Selected Idea Final

I went back to iteration 2 because I thought seeing the head and tail of the rooster at the same time on 2 separate bodies would tie them together more distinctly than the others. To emphasize the degrading status of being a man, I added the rooster’s crown onto the “puppet”.

Final in 190 x 250mm

(I had another Idea to “demote” the man into a woman because there was the topic of rape in the field. But thought it might be too offensive.)



See the thing is if you can tell that he is a puppet, there is no need for strings! 😀Design is resolved! A success!Good use of negative space?


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