Project 1: Curating Self

Task 1 – Object and representation of self

Pencil is the very first tool I encountered in my design journey.  Or even when I started learning how to doodle. Like how everything starts from a dot, when a dot goes for a walk, it becomes a line. It’s like how we all started using a pencil, slowly involving into using pens and then into the digital world. A pencil also depicts on how it will get blunt when time goes by and we will have to constantly sharpen it. Like how we are constantly learning, constantly improving our skill sets no matter how much we have learnt in the past.

The power of the pencil. We nowadays tend to move towards the digital side,  slowly fading away from the basics. We must never forget our basics. Hence the position of the pencil tip facing vertically to show how powerful the pencil is.

The pencil above my lips is one of my thinking position. Whenever I am out of ideas or creative brain juices dried up, I would place a pencil above my lips. Subconsciously to me this position kind of helped me a lot through my thinking process. 

The reason why I emphasize on the red-2B among the rest is to show how I am uniquely me. Everyone is different/unique, be it their backstory, thinking or ideas.  In this modern society, we should always be uniquely us and not try to be someone that we are not.

Task 2 – My World

The first location came into my mind was ITE College Central Tampines. This is also the place I first started my relationship with design or rather where I found a familiar place where I really fit into. At first I was skeptical about studying in ITE as there are plenty of stereotypes about people studying in ITE are bound to fail in their lives or mixing into bad companies. Studying in ITE also kind of pulled my confidence down a bit. It is a place where I know I’m bound to meet people with very different backgrounds be it with arts or without. As for me little did I know what I have signed up for as I have zero knowledge about design.  

The first class really hit me hard in the face, I was introduced to drawing, design elements and adobe softwares. For all this while I have thought studying in a design course was as simple as doodling/sketching. A love/hate relationship started forming at the point of time. Love is that I have plenty of room to explore/improve and learn more in depth of design rather than hate is that I have rush for deadlines.

Throughout this 2 fulfilling years, I am really thankful to meet a bunch of encouraging/helpful friends and a lecturer who is really willing to teach and who shaped all of us into really good people and most importantly good aspiring designers.

Now that the campus have been closed down, it feels like a part of life has ended. It is like a full stop to this part of the timeline. And how I could still kind of want to access my ‘past’ but I can’t do anything about it. This  journey was truly the best decision I have made for what I am here now versus the one I am heading nowhere.

“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.”

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