Research Critique 2

Posted by Yuen Jia Jun on Monday, 29 January 2018


The Third Space is a space that is commonly shared among, nowadays and it is  also able to connect people together no matter how far they are apart.

But most startling is the fact that the third space is simply an integral fact of everyday life in the 21st century.” — Randall Packer, The Third Space

The boundaries in the the third space is being break down in terms of time and space whereby is it surpassed in the virtual space.  It manipulated our senses into that we both are very close to one another. The closeness could be seen through our conversation between the both of us.  It seems like we are literally at the same location seamlessly.  The intimacy were created whereby we both refilled the “same bottle” for one another and shared the “same bottle”.

“… based in distant physical locations could meet and perform together, in the same “living image.” – Maria Chatzichristodoulou, about Satellite Arts Project

The collaboration between us where we passed the bottle across the two screens and shared the bottle. The conversations we exchanged in the third space created the illusion that the both of us seems like we are interacting with each other side by side in real time but actually we are not.

Therefore, the third space does not only increases the intimacy between the two parties but also bringing back the connection relationship we have all lost in time due to technology advancements.

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