Parameters and Constrains

I neither agree or disagree with Hanson on loving constrain.  They are necessary part of the process to me.

In the perfect world we would have an unconstrained budget to create and design anything we want. However does the extravagant packing takes away or value add to the product experience itself? For example in my current internship, we wanted to create a comprehensive toolbox to help influencers. The first iteration was the team trying to please every suggestion that was thrown out in the meeting. In total, the first prototype  contain a good 5-6 different apps cram into one. Was it a comprehensive toolbox? Yes. Did it have a good product experience?  No. There was just too much things cramped into a tiny screen. This made the user feel very heavy as the prototype was just too dense.

That being said, I don’t believe in following a set of constrain strictly, When dealing with constrains, I get very boxed up and there is a mental barrier that I have to overcome. Rather, I believe in the double diamond structure used many design thinking models. I believe that this is more helpful in getting the ball rolling and then eliminating and chasing the best, the most practical solutions with constrains.

One thought on “Parameters and Constrains”

  1. I remember this diamond. It is important to realise that if one wants to please everyone, all one has to do, is to become an ice-cream seller. It is always a balancing act. Perhaps the main anchor is to realise a great experience for the user.

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