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Forest Gump Alice in Wonderland: Sometimes I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast

I wanted to focus on the setting and the things that Alice counted during her battle with the Jabberwocky.

Design 1

For the first design, I focus on the setting where Alice had tea with the mad hatter and March Hare. I tried to emulate the bizarreness of the teapot by juxtaposing the march hare head onto a teapot. Inspired by the hatter’s love for eccentric hats, I gave him a hat made up of cupcake

for the second design, I was inspired by the things that Alice counted during her battle with the Jabberwocky. the three elements that I have incorporated is: a cake that makes you grow smaller, a drink that makes you bigger and cats can talk. For the Cheshire cat, I used a siamese cat because it look rather unusally from a common house cat. I separated his body into halg to illustarte his ability to appear and dissapera out of nowhere. However, i saw told that the elements do no gell well with each other.

Design 3

For this design, i went back to focusing on the scene where Alice was at the tea party. I decided to incorporate a more bizarre feeling into the design. I placed Alice and the March Hare together as they peer out of the pot. The design wasn’t executed really well, as the contrast was too high. Also, I was told to focus on the keywords such as “breakfast” more while bringing in more context of Alice in Wonderland where I brought in the actual character into my work.

Design 4

Heading the advice of Mi Mi where I had to incorporate more of the movie context and the keywords, I decided to focus on the word “breakfast”. I also decided to focus on the impossible. I tried to bring that aspect out by making it bizarre, weird or paradoxical. In this design, I decided to manipulate with the scale to make it bizarre. but I felt that I was playing too safe in this design. it is just not bizarre enough.

Design 5
Design 6

For design 5 and 6, I had this grand plan of having a top view of Alice swimming in cereal while she floats in a bathing suit with a flamingo float. so I had to substitute I do with a front shot of a cereal bowl with Alice sitting inside the cereal. I chose cereal as it is a very common breakfast food for many. but I felt that the elements were rather individual and aren’t gelling well with each other.

Design 7

So I settled for this design. where I split the paper into half. The first half of it is a distorted checkerboard. with Alice and an apple superimposed on it. I chose a chessboard as I felt that Alice in Wonderland concept was very much like a game. i also chose the apple as it is a convinent breakfast food for all. On the other side, i used a backdrop of panckaes and scones as a background. alice is given a crosant for a head as it is a very common bread in frnace.

Forrest Gump: My Chosen Quotes + Artist references


For my first quote, I will be using Tim Burtons Adaptation of Alice in Wonderland – ” Sometimes I think of as much as six impossible things before breakfast.” this line appeared in the movie three times. the first time, Alice was having a nightmare, and her father calms her down with this line before tucking her back into bed. The second time, Alice said this to the Mad hatter to give him courage and encouragement. the third time Alice said this, she was about to kill the Jabberwocky. The six things that Alice counted before she killed the Jabberwocky is: 
There’s a potion that can make you shrink.
And a cake that can make you grow.
Animals can talk.
Cats can disappear.
There is a place called Wonderland.
I can slay the Jabberwocky.

The meaning of this quote is to believe in the impossible and the impossible will happen. take faith and leap. ?

For my second quote, I will be using Disney animated adaptation of Alice in Wonderland – “I don’t know” Alice said. the cat replied:” then it doesn’t matter.” This was said by the Cheshire cat to Alice when she was lost in the forest and had no idea where to go.

For my third quote, I will be using Disney 1998 Mulan – ” when will my reflection who I am inside.” This famous line was sung by Mulan when she lamented how she was very different from the ideal feminine stereotype in China.

For my fourth quote, I will be still using Mulan – “if I wear a mask, I can fool the world, but I can’t fool my heart.” Similarly, this was taken from a verse in the song reflection sung by Mulan.

For my fifth quote, I will be using Mulan – ” the Flower that blooms from adversity is the rarest and beautiful of all” This was said by the emperor in Mulan when Mulan revealed that she was a female and disgraced the country. I really love the movie Mulan as it is very similar to me: neither a feminine girl nor a 100% tomboy. I also love how they portrayed the female power in this movie despite it being created in 1998.


The first artist that I referenced is Martin O’Neill a graphic illustrator based in the U.K.. I love how he tasteful cut up the face and join them back through implied lines created by the flowers.

The Second artist I’m referencing is Rohan Daniel. I love how he played with the negative space to imply the trees. I also love how he used texture to differentiate the ground along with the sky and the background.

The third artist that I’m going to reference is Ugo Gattoni. I love how he implied the horse by changing and wrapping the pattern of the building onto the horse.

The last artist I’m going to reference is the manga XXXHOLLIC. I love how the mandala designs her manga cover page and how she incorporates unique borders for each volume.