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Illustration for designers: An Eggy Pun Par-Tea (process)


Initially, I wanted to do an egg buffet themed event, revolving the different types of egg dishes in the world~ I came up with a list of the different unique egg dishes enjoyed over the world:

  • Singapore: soft boiled egg with kaya toast
  • Japan: Tamagoyaki sushi
  • America: Sunny side up in American breakfast
  • taiwan: Tea egg

I then realised that I had no visuals to go with the illustrations. My illustrations would be unique and just end up as illustrated food shots. so I decided to go with a new theme: An Egg Pun Par-Tea

it will be an event where people celebrate international egg day, where they sit down to have tea and share their best egg puns.


  • What did the meditating egg say? Ohmm….. let
  • this is so bad but omelette (ima let it) slide
  • What did the egg say to the clown? You crack me up
  • are they from the Yolk-uza?

sketches and digital versions:

it’s so bad but omelette it slide~

ohmmmm…. let 

you crack me up~

in the end, I decided to drop this illustartion in favour of a more


  1. invitation card
  2. bento box
  3. cup
  4. coaster
  5.  Instagram advert