Singapore Night Festival 2018

According to google, the word Interactive refers to:

  • (of two people or things) influencing each other.
  • allowing a two-way flow of information between a computer and a computer-user; responding to a user’s input.

In order for an installation to be considered interactive, we (the audience) feeds something into the artwork and in return, the artwork returns something to us; basically it is an exchange.

My top two favourite installations:

Ember Rain

For this installation, we were asked to first write our wish onto a piece of paper. The ‘wish’ will then be wrapped around a piece of charcoal, loaded onto a carrier on the chains. Then when the audience cycles, the ‘wish’ will be transported all the way to the top and falls into the burning flames of the metal lotus.

According to the description, “The sparks generated represent catalysts of ideation and innovation, while the tower’s lotus-shaped petals symbolise the rebirth, purity and beauty of ideas flowing through space.”

Level of Interactivity: Fairly High

It is quite an experience to send one’s wish into these flames.

A wish is an extremely personal and intimate thing that exist in one’s mind, by inserting it into the artwork, we create a sort of spiritual connection; almost like a string of fate.

It was mesmerizing; almost magical. It felt like I was sending it to the heavens, to be granted. The act very much reminds me of how Chinese people pray with joysticks, the image of incense rising.

There was also an ‘obstacle’ halfway up the chains, the user needs to slow down a little to get pass it. My guess is that it represents – getting what you want is not a road without bumps.

The Search

While Ember Rain is about wishes, The Search is about memories.

This installation is an immersive space decorated with acrylic ‘paper planes’ and dotted light illustration of the city skyline of Singapore in the background.

While walking through this installation, one would find that the space is very confined and small, there are even warnings for the claustrophobic at the entrance.

“The Search seeks to pay homage to the journey of navigating life in the city, and the whirlwind of emotions that come with it through the symbolism of a paper plane — a fond childhood plaything for many. The installation relays the message that there is something beautiful to celebrate in the people we meet, and experiences we gain in everyone’s unique journey of self-discovery.”

Level of interactivity: Emotional / Low

I am not really sure if this installation is an interactive one because the music and lights start at their own time. It would be interactive if it were activated by movement, e.g. when viewers enter the space, the lights start dancing. The experience was more of a performance; a one way flow without any exchange involved.

It is probably design to repeat and loop, the lights of the ‘paper planes’ programmed and choreographed to the rhythm of the music.

Author: Ying Hui

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