Assignment 1: Review of Past Works

Reflect on the challenges and discoveries that you’ve made in your work and progress at ADM and be prepared to give a presentation next week sharing works that you think illustrate as story about those challenges and discoveries about yourself and your interests while at ADM.

  1. Tree Project
  2. Mixed Media project
  3. Data visualization
  4. Rain-bow Violin using  LED strips

Challenges and Discoveries: 

Tree Project – Need to develop a stronger foundation in following – Arduino, and Processing aside from playing a supporting/ idea directory role in Tree Project, the conceptual understanding of tree was well received and it was one of the stronger projects that suited my interests (theme was Interstices; tree as a stationary object often overlooked, but added electrical elements in the branches such as servo motor attached to small wooden planks allows it to move, ultra sound sensor was also connected to it)

Mixed Media Project – Video projection over drawn canvases as a follow up to A Level artwork, using similar forms of medium – camera, video projector and drawings on canvas. Using the Optoma and video projection softwares allowed me to explore different ways of using software to play different clips simultaneously, relatively able to complete them in a short amount of time due to familiarity with using video projector, proper planning

Data visualization – Initial idea was to showcase a Singapore map, and feature symbols of different races using small circles representing a person of each race, each race is signified through use of dots on the map, and to show continuous progress of each demographic by looking at yearly trends, theme was on progress of education for each race from a timespan of 2000-2015, discoveries – data is often private and difficult to get statistics on latest trends.

Rain-bow – worked alongside Ying Hui in coming up with idea of making of attaching a string of LED on the bow, and connecting it a Arduinofruit on a handglove – the accelerometer in Arduiofruit is coded to the LED light, such that every x,y,z movement made when a person plays with the bow, the led light rises/dips. Biggest challenge was using the accelerometer in arduino – where we had to change x,y,z values many times so that we could get the LED strip to light up.

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