research findings for understanding perception of human behavior

1. stimulus- conditions determine behavior
a. potential origins of movement
b. the door is immobile, in opposite of 3 shapes
c. Therefore, this makes 3 shapes as origins
2. Successive movements without contact

Interpreting movements as actions of persons
” Interpreted the picture in terms of actions of animated beings, chiefly of person” ”
” The way in which the actors are judged is closely connected with this attribution of origin ( appearance, size?) It is held that this method is useful in investigating the way the behavior other persons is perceived”

In relation to gears, we can link this to the movement of gears.

Perceptual Causality an Animacy


1. Movement of items = alive, goals, intentional states such as desires ( for eg large triangle want to catch small triangle)
2. The ability to perceive causality from simple motions displays emerges before infant have learned language – could this be an inborn trait?
3. .”…a property of animcy also appears to be perceived in simple displays” => Gears should be made simple, in order amplify the trait/behavior you want to show audience => perception people make would be more accurate
4. Add on to 3, Michotte suggested simple motion cues provide the foundation for social perception (how people perceive social situations) in general
5. Temporal Contiguity & Spatial Proximity produced phenomenal relationships among geometric figures

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