Project 2: Word and Images


NISSIN Instant Noodles, invented by Momofuku Ando

The item I have received is a packet of NISSIN brand Instant Noodles. The following are words I have identified with the Instant Noodles, along with images associated and their connotational and denotational messages.

  1. Cheap

Air Asia Advertisement for cheap flights

Cheap Rubbish Removal Advertisement for Sydney

Denotational: Spend less to save money.

Connotational: More affordable for the poor, because it is inexpensive. Becomes more accessible to all age groups.

  1. Fast

An Image of speed

Tire Buyer Advertisement

Denotational: Saves Time

Connotational: Allows you to do more things with extra time, saves effort. Time can be used to do more meaningful and important things.

  1. Convenient

An image of Digital Payment

NISSAN Leaf advertising campaign

Denotational: Saves effort.

Connotational: Saves energy and time. ‘Extra resources’ can be used to do more things. Less effort is needed for travelling, cooking, or preparation. Handy.

  1. Filling

Florida Oranges Advertisement

Little girl with big burger or sandwich inside mouth

Denotational: Satisfies your hunger.

Connotational: You will not go hungry easily, and can save money on food since Instant Noodles are cheap and filling. It can be spent on other items.

  1. Japan/Chinese/Asian

Advertisement for Nissin Dombei Noodles

Advertisement for sake

Denotational: Origins of NISSIN Instant noodles.

Connotational: Authentic, and leads us to explore or be more interested in Asian culture.

  1. Portable

Advertisement for Mac

Advertisement for General Electric

Denotational: Easy to bring around.

Connotational: Easy to cook anywhere and carry anywhere from place to place. Do not have to worry about taking up too much space as well.

  1. Freshly-cooked, hot

Advertisement for bread in TESCO

Curtis Tea Advertisement

Curtis Tea Advertisement

Denotational: Newly made, fresh to eat to savour the best state.

Connotational: Suitable for cold times and to warm the body up.

  1. Easy

Bpay Advertisement

Advertisement for Minute Rice

Denotational: Less effort and direction to cook.

Connotational: Accessible to a large range of ages, because it is not difficult to cook. Increases accessibility to consumers.

  1. Tasty

Image of a delicious turkey

Advertisement for BRABD Sandwich Cookies

Denotational: Nice to eat.

Connotational: Delicious for many consumers, they will not be bored of it as easily. Longer-lasting.

  1. International/Worldwide

AT&T Advertisement

AT&T Advertisement

Vodafone Advertisement

Denotational: Well-known worldwide.

Connotational: International branding. Everyone knows the common brands. Shared culture, shared sense of identity. Bonding.