Final Presentation: Smart Friend: Ava


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Your Personal Heartcare Companion

Smart Friend: AVA is an ironic commentary about how the friends you beg answers from for your psychological issues do not necessarily have all the answers.

Do you really need those answers, or did you only want to vent?


MIDTERMS: Modified Poster | Smart Friend: AVA




Use typewriter instead, or a more old fashioned printer

Include more interactive elements

Change sad girl silhouette into a vector drawing instead (clarity reasons)

Include instructions about how there is a video playing outside the house about how you can enter if you have anything to spill or something to rant about

Consider not having the phone ring, instead get the participant to dial in the number on the phone and let the AI “pick up the call” after 3 rings.



Midterms Conceptualization | Dr. Phail


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Other Inspirations: Luc Courchensne’s Portrait No. 1, Eliza

Change Dr. Phail to something not Doctor related as it may trigger bad professional counselling experiences, maybe Auntie Phil.

Consider having a second printer that prints out a receipt roll of Auntie Phil ranting as well about how the other people rants to her.

Small font size on papers when solutions are printed out, with varying answers that are very generic or can be very long but essentially means idk.