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It is Week 12 and aaaahhh

I don’t really have a lot of things to update this week! Basically what I did was to tidy and clean up the code of my HTML, and adding the narrative inside as previously organized. I also tried to tidy the aesthetics up, such as for the headers to make it more visually neat because it is a lengthy piece after all.

For this week, the final week, I will be drawing the art for the pictures I will be using for my options in Chapter 2: The Ball, referring to the dress designs Cinderella has to pick, and seeing if I can add any additional widget interactions to spice the texts up a little, such as CSS Shake. I will also be converting the final piece into a temporary URL so that everyone can read the story on their own time and target.

CSS Shake:


That’s all!

2 thoughts on “I have lost count which Update this is | Once Upon a Huh? 2

  1. dejan.grba

    Thank you Joey.

    Permanent link is crucial, please do that.

    CSS Shake can be a nice touch.
    Please use it strategically to spice up / accentuate certain points, and do not go wild with it.

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