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After pondering for a long time, I decided to go with my first idea; empowerment for the abused.

My idea revolves around how the abused often suffer from injuries that they are so afraid to show off to the world because they are “ugly”.  Examples include people splashed by acid and those physically mutilated. I think this is pretty sad, because these people are hiding their “battle scars”; they should be proud of what they managed to endure and survive through, yet they are forced by societal perceptions to hide indoors in fear that they will be scrutinized when they go outside.

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In my wearable design, I want to tell people that it is okay to go out there and do what you want. There is no need to be ashamed of your battle scars, because it just proves that they are strong. Their scars are a mark of victory, because they survived. Hence, I decided to design a body suit embedded with flowers.

My design comprises a white bodysuit that has long sleeves and pants. It also has a headband, which has flowers trailing down and attached to the wearer’s face. At different parts of the body, there will be white crepe paper flowers gathered at different parts of the body suit.  The areas where the flowers are gathered at represents the injuries inflicted on the abused. This includes the shoes as well.  White flowers refers to purity and innocence. These white flowers are a symbolism of how their battle scars are beautiful, and that they are still pure and innocent despite what has happened to them.

There will be LED lights distributed throughout the suit and the flowers. Pressure sensors will also be placed under the feet of the wearer. Each time the wearer takes a heavy step on the walkway, the sensor will be triggered and it will send a wipe of red light through the whole suit and the flowers. This is  a symbolism that the wearer is still alive, and her heart is still beating. Blood still pulses through her, and she is a survivor.