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Manifesto | Inner Page

Fairy Tales are not about the Fairies.

It is the tale that gives the fairies a home.

“Prince Charming is stale, and the Villains have greater stories.”

Older design principles are ‘perfect’, and the opposite is seems unthinkable, like Modernism (1880-1940) opposing Supernormal (2000s). However, a good design fulfils an inexplicable human need to gravitate towards exploring the unknown creating newer, intriguing art movements. If the idea scares you, it is a good idea.

“Princesses should run away from the Royalty.”

Rather than embracing what is sought to be good, one should aspire to break free from the conventional, just like DADA did in the industrial revolution.

“The sidekicks are the real heroes.”

Each design principle holds unique balance, contrast, emphasis, movement and pattern. They may seem incomplete individually, but when combined can build a new ‘hero’ amongst designs.

“You can have tea break with your enemy.”

Just like how neo-conceptualization among others contributed its ideas to create Supernormal design which was vastly different, various design theories can come together to create a new design movement despite different rulesets.

“Prince Charming was once a Villain.”

Every design movement once stemmed from an aesthetic once denied by the masses. To appreciate it is to have courage to take the first step in an extremist rebellion against present design principles.