Project 3: Sequential Thinking (90 Images)


Project 3: Sequential Thinking (90 Images)

Title: The Cursed Mask Ft. Mark Tan

Location for photos: Pioneer Hall


This is a project about the cursed mask, where Mark wakes up and goes out to get Breakfast. However, on the way back, he spots a weird-looking mask lying on the ground. Despite the mask making him feel uncomfortable, he is nevertheless intrigued by it. As a result, he takes the mask back to his dorm room.

Back in his room, Mark spends some time scrutinizing the mask again. However, its creepiness was haunting him. He decided to put it aside and focus on his studies.

Night falls. Mark is done studying. He glances at the mask beside him again, fearful. Then, he decides to forget about it and go to sleep.

A nightmare happens. Mark finds himself in a completely dark environment. He has no idea where he is, nor what is going on.

When he turns around, he sees the same mask in a distance, unaffected by the darkness. In a flash of darkness, the mask disappears, and then reappears, now closer. This repeats.

Mark panics, and decided to make a break for it. When he turns to his front, he sees that there is a distorted and messy crayon path forming in front of him. Following his instincts, he opts to run down the path; anything to get away from the creepy mask. Whenever he turns back to check, the mask only follows him closer and quicker.

Suddenly, Mark spots a door in the distance. It is the door to his dorm room! He hurries to grip onto the door handle, but not before turning back to check on the mask again.

The mask is right in his face this time; it starts to morph into something scarier and more haunting with each black out. Mark slams the door open and jumps into bed, huddling in a ball, willing himself to believe that it was all a dream.

In his unconsciousness, the mask appears in his vision once again. He is startled awake, and looks out of the window. He realizes that it is now day time, and he has made it through the night. He is utterly relieved. Glancing at the mask on his table, he decides to toss it in to the dustbin, before settling back into a dreamless sleep while smiling to himself.

Project Analysis:

For this project, I decided to go with the idea of a Nightmare, since we had to start with waking up and end with going back to sleep. While analyzing the concepts of a nightmare further, I found myself discovering that all my nightmares were usually based off senseless things; sequence that did not make sense, or things that were mundane yet should not happen at all in reality. I wanted to create the same kind of distortion in my work, where the main character cannot comprehend what is going on, yet automatically embraces the situation and somehow knew what to do about it. It is as if his dream is lucid. The environment was meant to be dark, acting as though it is a void. This suffocates the dreamer, and creates more tension and loss in his feelings. This is in reference to my own nightmares, which I notice were soundless to the extent it rings in my ears and makes me feel as though I was drowning in air. A nightmare also has to be haunting; so much that he has to get rid of the root cause in reality to ensure that it will not come back to haunt him.