FYP Proposal Pitch (Presentation)



<Pandemic> is a Virtual Reality Interactive Storytelling project utilizing the Oculus Rift VR Headset. It seeks to tell a story through VR environment, depicting the projected landscape of a post-pandemic world that has gone too far off into the deep end. This VR environment will be designed via Adobe photoshop and Adobe Illustrator and will be rendered in Unreal Engine 4.

<Pandemic> will utilize a Grayscale style of storytelling with charcoal/ brush stroke art style. It will be done in a graphic novel setting, where characters will fidget in their stations, their communication depicted through comic-styled speech bubbles that will not disappear. The player can interact with certain objects to unlock different scenes of the story and can travel around the area to find out more about a pandemic-ridden world. The world will be featured in Singapore, where various locations of Singapore will be depicted at their pandemic-ridden states. E.g. Marina Bay Sands, where tourists usually frequent, and Sentosa, where it has amusement parks and hotels that are usually filled with people.