Project 1: Final Design

Final Design

My final design concept is titled “Sense of community” . I felt that the “Arts on the move” programme provides patients with more than just an outlet for stress relief or distraction. The fact that the hospital provides a platform for local artists to showcase their works along with the works of some of the patients shows a collaboration amongst local artists, staff and patients in the same space. This allows for the¬†formation of a community spirit in an environment that is no longer sterile and unfamiliar.

My design shows a figure interconnected with a pencil, symbolising the integration of each person in the community into the programme as well as the integration of arts into the environment and lives of patients at the hospital. The choice of shape of the logo, a circle, suggests community, friendship, relationships and unity. The choice of the colour blue, is a sign of stability and reliability as well as serenity and calmness, all traits that are important in invoking a sense of community. 

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