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Planes To Points To Lines: Study models + Finals

The brief of this project tasked us to creates planes using thread on a piece of card paper. The first plane or shape that I thought of creating was the Mobius spiral (You take a strip of paper and twist it before looping it as shown in the picture bellow. Think of it as the infinity sign)

Mobius strip inspired stairs.

This did not work well as the loop couldnt be sewn tight together. In addition, the whole structure is very weak and thus could nt surport the weight and the tension of the threads.

I decided to simplify my plane by using a rectangle, to create a wave. This worked out to a great extend but there is still a definite front and back. Hence, I  extended the paper to create one more relief.


Okay attempt three, I hope this goes well… so I extended the paper and added more lines to create a greater diversity of planes. So far this worked out the best. By conciously taking care of where the thread ends, I have managed to eliminate the disntinct front and back problem.

I decieded to try the third study model out on the plastic sheet. this worked well to a certian extend. I faiiled to consider the other two sides, making the scupture having two distinct faces.

sweat shop…

If I had more tine for this project, I would have tighten up a lot of the threads and create another study model to tackle the problem of having two distinct surfaces.