Narratives for Interaction ( Ben Slater’s Lecture)

  • Narratives are always progressing, it always changes
  • Choices and consequences are a part of the interactive elements that we see in interactive installations/new media
  • Going back through time – to remake our choices, and face new consequences, the idea of choices and observing what we did not observe
  • Trapped in routines – someone becomes a bit more aware – so she renews her ‘familiar’ routes that she often goes, in search of an alternative ‘reality’  – on the other hand not many is aware, stuck/trapped/comfortabe
  • Being trapped in routines is something that is inherent in all of us, animals have it, humans have it, everyone has it
  • Brings question of repetition as necessary – can be comforting to see something predictable in terms of behavior, what we come across daily, makes us feel productive
  • At the same time something we often see tends to annoy us, especially if it makes us feel bad – makes us anticipate for the worse
  • In contrast, anything we can anticipate gives us extra liberty/ the choice in how to react
  • Repitition – boring repitition, interesting repetition
  • “Prisoner” TV Series
  • Run Lola Run – Lola has 3 ‘resets’ or tries to complete a mission and overcomes some obstacles that come her way that stops her from doing what needs to be done



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