Interactive II : EM1 MIRROR


This is my first time using MAX thus there are many things that I am still trying to figure out. I tried combining the different in-class exercise and work around with the code to come out with “Mirror“.

jit.dimmap @invert 1 0: this will flip the video and give it a mirror effect (as shown below)

jit.window: Double click to open up a new window.
p spacebar-fullscreen: Press spacebar for fullscreen of the new window.

InsideĀ p spacebar-fullscreen, select 32 was a setting for spacebar which will trigger the video to fullscreen.

Inside p face,

jit.rgb2luma: works only on greyscale images
cv.jit.resize @size 320 240: use as small an input as possible, for performance.

Inside p area2brightness,

Calculate the surface area where (X1 – X2) x (Y1 – Y2) and output within the range.

I realised that the value 1. 0. will determine,
scale ____ ____ 1. 0. : Screen turns darker when face goes closer.
scale ____ ____ 0. 1. : Screen turns brighter when face goes closer.

– Will update further-