Interactive II : EM2 IAmBradPitt


From the previous exercise Mirror, we learnt how to track our faces and now we have to do a face swap.

Firstly to import our image in, we have to use read message: read emma_watson.jpg and click loadbang after to load the image in.

Using clear, usedstdim 1, dstdimstart $1 $2, distdimend $3 $4 is to set the start and end position of the image and also this matches the x y coordinated of the face.

jit.fastblur is use to soften the image and edges. Reducing the @mode values will allow you to have a clearer image.

However, one problem is I should have better resize the image as now the image doesn’t really fit well onto my face as it appear much wider than my face and it looks a little compressed.