Drawing – Figure Drawing & Watercolor Painting

In class, we went on to learn how to draw hand and head. Like the proportion of our palm to our fingers. How each fingers have 3 joint and the ratio to each parts. During my last assignment, I left out the hand part and didn’t draw it in because my hand always turn out looking weird. Still trying to get the idea of positioning the hand so that it looks natural and nicely placed.


Here is our prof Woon lam trying to explain to us the bone structure of a human.


He also teaches us how to draw head using the volume. How the head is tilt in different angle, when it’s lying down or facing different direction.


He went on to teach us on water color painting. It’s amazing how he uses one color and created so many different gradient to it by adjusting the amount of water use. This is some of the painting he does in class to show us how we can play around with water color.

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We went on to try out on our own. I went on to explore on some colors, however my painting is a bit too safe. I didn’t dare to add more water to create the different tone. Where my painting turn out to be too flat.