Micro-Project 5: The Art of Destruction


Project: Micro-Project 5; Art of Destruction

Members: Amanda, Celine, Joey

Medium: Video

For our Art of Destruction project, our group decided to go with video as our art medium. We decided to put together different definitions of glitch to create a whole glitched video. First, we took random videos filming weird and every day scenes. Then, we edited the videos we took to make it unnatural; speeding up, slowing down, adding filters, etc. These were the first 2 glitches; one because it does not make sense, and two because it was not natural. Yet, a sense of continuity and a small curiosity about what random scene would come next was still retained. The final glitch occurs because as three people in a team, we have different editing styles and ideas with regards to how to glitch our videos and what scenes to take for our video. Hence, the lack of cohesiveness, the disturbances to the natural sequence of our videos and the randomness of the scenes which discourages understanding creates a destructive art piece; one that is illogical yet still a complete whole in the end. It is imperfect, but we recognize this imperfection and flawed art piece as a proper composition.

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