My Line is Emo: Process


My Line is Emo:

When I first started this project, I made use of many objects to create textures, hoping that I would have the option of choosing from a variety of textures. I made use of corks, feathers, sponges, twigs, moss and even dried sugar cane. However, things did not go my way; it turns out that many different materials made the same effects when I applied them on newsprint with bloc ink.

I spent the first lesson merely testing out the different materials with bloc ink. I made use of Acrylic for the mass effect, but not the acrylic carving- because everyone seemed to be using them, and I did not want to be ‘the same’.

Cork, sponge, twigs, and various other materials.

Paint spatula and pen with Acrylic inking.

Pen. paint spatula, twigs, and more on acrylic.

Cork, flat sponge, rolling sponge and moss.

Rolling sponge, cotton bud, flat sponge, rectangular sponge, feather, and cork.

White tape across pen markings on acrylic. The pen markings were indented before I used something to flatten the ink further, to create darker lines.

Likewise, I used tape and pen to indent the markings. This time, I tried to flatten the ink before making the indents. Bad decision- indents cannot be seen anymore.


During out-lesson times, I experimented with more options. This time, I made use of Chinese ink and black and white acrylic paint to help me create further textures. I also made used of drawn line-art to create patterns.

Different variations of Rolling Sponge with Chinese Ink; Dense vs Less Dense.

A Happy Incident. The newsprint was originally used to protect the table from staining, but it turned out as a potential pattern highlighting ‘Adventure’- also because of the various methods and tools used to create this unintended pattern.

1) White Acrylic paint with cork on black paper 2) White Acrylic paint with paint spatula on black paper 3) Black and White paint with paint spatula on crepe paper 4) Line Art Swirls with Sharpie Marker

1) Rolling sponge with Black and White Acrylic paint 2) Black and White Acrylic paint with paint spatula on black paper 3) Black and White Acrylic paint with paint spatula on white paper

Chinese Ink Splatters and trying to keep it within the paper. Turned out creepy.

Black and White Acrylic paint on both sides using paint spatula, and folding it into half and reopening it for lumpy texture.

1) Sharpie Marker Line Art Swirls 2) Tips of the Feather with Black Acrylic Paint 3) Black Acrylic Paint with Sponge

1 and 2) Moss and Black Acrylic Paint with different gradients and density 3 and 4) Sharpie Line Art with Taped boundaries. Comparing density of lines.

1 and 2) Cork sides with Black Acrylic Paint. Comparing Density. 3) Cork Top with Black Acrylic Paint. 4) Moss with Black Acrylic Paint, ascending density (Gradient).

1) Black Acrylic Paint with Rolling sponge with cotton bud on paint 2) Chinese Ink splatters (Low Density) 3) Chinese Ink splatters (High Density) 4) Chinese ink splatters (Mid Density)

Second Drafts

However, these were barely used in my final product. My designs were too organized, predictable and mainstream. Many people had similar textures, and they had a small variety; most of them were categorized under negative emotions. With a lack of variety and originality, I had to source for more options to explore.

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