Project 1b: Paradox


Living in the Burning, Project 1b: Paradox, by Joey Chan

My project revolves around the Tourism industry in Singapore, precisely because of its prominence in our lives. This targets the common tourists’ perceptions towards sightseeing. The image consist the Gardens by the Bay structures burning and a mammoth Merlion breathing fire. However, tourists are still ignorant of the obvious danger, still focused on capturing their memories in a tourist hotspot. This image is aimed to present the incessant need for tourists to capture unique moments instead of helping the situation, or to rescue themselves from danger. I aim to expose the ugly realities behind our society’s concept of what is actually acceptable.

The images of some tourists, myself, the Merlion and the Gardens by the Bay scenic are actual photos I have taken, whereas the flames are found images.

Alternative Interpretations:

  1. The world is a Dystopia, where people are injured and the world is collapsing, yet I am still photographing this tragedy.
  2. Tourism is killing SG through tourism, especially since Singapore is very focused on the tourism industry to generate revenue. Even when the structures are burning symbolizing how Singapore is being enslaved to satisfying the tourists, Singapore still does not realize the gravity of continuing to make Singapore a tourism-centered country.

The difficulties I faced revolved around how difficult it was for me to find the correct images to suit my original intention and idea I had in mind, as well as the fact that I am illiterate in Photoshop.

Weaknesses: There are too many interpretations for my single image, and I need to work on narrowing the message down while showing the purpose more clearly.

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