My Line Is Emo: Artist references

Fiona Rae, Black and white series

Fiona Rae incorporates marking in her body of work, using both accidental and intentional strokes. Fiona Rae works by hanging her work on the wall and begins splattering, smearing, dripping, painting, throwing paint, on her canvas. To Fiona Rae, Anything and anything can be used as her tools for mark making. she once exhibited her used palate as a work. The whips and strokes of black and on the gray gave it a very fluid, dream like, feeling. I love the way she incorporated both the dry brush strokes and the wet, blending in this work. it makes the strong bold lines pop out, giving it depth. This piece will be my main inspiration for the emotions of at peace/ calm. I will be trying to accomplish this effect through using  Delcomania as a base and adding more details such as brush strokes.

Shin Kwang Ho, Untitled, charcoal on canvas

Shin Kwang Ho is a contemporary Korean artist that mainly work with impasto and oil paint. I love his treatment of the charcoal. The strong bold stroke of the charcoal is strongly contrasted by the light wash of the charcoal. The intensity of the darkness in the middle followed by a haunting sweep of the charcoal gives it a ghostly and a feeling of anguish and sadness.  I will be using this imagery as the inspiration for the emotion of sadness. To me, sadness is an empty feeling, as if there is a void, an absence.

Affandi, Self Portrait, 1975, oil on canvas

Affandi is an Indonesian contemporary painter.  Affandi painted by directly squeezing the paint out of its tube, this results in the object appearing more alive. He also painted used his own hands, instead of a paint brush leaving behind the raw and flurried emotions in his paintings.



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