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Ong Zi Feng
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I am a seeker in the world of skills, opening doors of differing practices in pursuance of proficiency in various field of design in the hope to find the abilities to change the world into a slightly different place.

Artist Bio
Ong Zi Feng is an artist with a spirit of entrepreneurship and a passion for creating things by hands. He developed interest in design at a young age when his father taught him to draw. He is thankful for the encouragement his kindergarten teacher gave him by praising his ugly drawing of a dog. Throughout his primary and secondary school education, Zi Feng spent more time doodling in his textbooks than studying. His Chinese textbook was the saddest victim of vandalism, filled with correction fluid while the figures in it were often given special makeovers. 

After his Secondary School education, Zi Feng decided to pursue his interest in product design and spent an enjoyable three years at Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Diploma in Product Design & Innovation. After graduated from Polytechnic, Zi Feng was enlisted into the National Service and was posted to Tuas Naval Base as a Military Police Specialist which he spent all his saving from National Service into two solo backpacking trip, first was a two weeks trip to Taiwan and then a two month trip to Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Malaysia. The solo backpacking trips had taught Zi Feng many invaluable lessons and changed his perspective of how he views the world, the people and in himself.

As an aspiring entrepreneur, he started a small business, WindCustoms in Etsy in hope of fulfilling the childhood dreams of others by focusing on selling handmade collectible items inspired by movies and animes from Zi Feng's childhood.

Trip Video:
Long Trip Home
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interactive Media
Nanyang Technological University, May 2019
 - Dean’s List, 2017
 - Dean’s List, 2016
 - Platinum Award in PS9888 Making and Tinkering, 2016

Diploma in Product Design and Innovation
Ngee Ann Polytechnic, May 2012
 - Director’s List, Apr 2011
 - Best Performance in Product Form & Aesthetics, 2011
 - Best Performance in Computer-Aided Design & Drawing 2, 2011
 - Oversea exchange to Jiang Nan University twice
 - Director’s List, Oct 2010
 - Best Performance in Design Specification & Conceptual Design, 2010
Professional Experience
Self Employed
WindCustoms, Etsy, 2016 - current
 - Sole proprietor of the shop WindCustoms on Etsy which sells collectibles in hope to fulfill the childhood dreams in us.
 - Communicated with numerous customers, negotiated with organizations and suppliers
 - Designed and produced all orders which includes customizations according to
 customer’s specifications and deliver them punctually in perfect conditions
 - Organized campaign for online advertising.
 - Amassed more than 1,500 sales and 200 5 stars reviews in 2 years
 - Awarded with Bestseller item and Top 5% Seller on Etsy in 2017 and 2018. Military Police Specialist (NSF)
Tuas Naval Base, June 2013 - Sept 2014
 - Illustrate and design the schematic and system of the Personnel Access Control 
 which improved the flow of traffic in the morning while enhancing the security.
 - Designed a makeshift shelter for duty outpost which improved the life of the
 duty personnel by preventing them from getting drenched every time it rained.

Additional Skills
 - Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro)
 - Working knowledge in Unity, Zbrush, Rhinocerous, SketchUp and Audacity
 - Experienced in model building, sculpturing, airbrushing, 3D modelling and printing
 - Competent in Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Latte Panda and Beaglebone
 - Working knowledge in C++, JavaScript and PHP
 - Fluent in Chinese and English

Report for “The Oceanic” Exhibition

During the visit to NTU CCA Singapore on Saturday 27th of January 2018, There were the exhibits of the works and collections from Newell Harry  which really caught my eye.

Newell Harry
(Untitled) Anagrams and Objects for R.U. & R.U.
, 2015.

Hand beaten Tongan Ngatu, ink
7 parts, overall dimensions (approx): H 310cm x W 850cm; (ea) H 310cm x W100cm.

What impressed me was the fact that Newell Harry was having an exhibition of multiple medium(photos, collections of artifacts and the Anagram banners) in the same room and yet had the cohesive ambiance even with the costume from Laura Anderson Barbata that was used in the performative piece Ocean Calling (2017) placed in the middle of room, surrounded by works from Newell Harry and all of the artwork in the room complimented each other and tells a greater Polynesian story than each individual piece.

In the works of Newell Harry, the artifacts which he collected had been gifted to him, traded or bought at auction, this meant that all of the artifacts contained stories and Newell Harry was inclined towards learning the stories behind each transaction while they were treated as an Tapu(sacred) item which there is a bond between the object and the person, the items were not treated like objects with monetary value but usually as a commodity for barter trade. As of the case studies by Dr Cynthia Chou, she mentioned that the things were the identity constructions of the people, by observing the objects of the people, we could understand more about their way of living and cultures and according to Dr. Cresantia Frances Koya in her Tedx talk Tattoo and Tapa: Reclaiming Pacific Symbols, she mentioned that :

“our motifs are not just pretty designs, they may be admired for their aesthetic because they are beautiful, but they are in fact part of a complex system of graphic communication.”

Newell Harry saw the communicative nature and deeper meaning underneath these beautiful items which were made by anonymous artist and had used the Tapa cloth for the Anagram Banner, a cloth that was made for everyday needs such as clothing, floor mats, room divider as well as ceremonial uses in weddings and funerals. These Tapa cloth were ingrained into the Polynesian culture and high importance were given to it. By printing diverse anagram of contemporary origin like referencing to Star Wars (Yoda, Solo and R2D2), Newell had put his own story onto an item with deep cultural meaning(Tapa Cloth) and created his own memory and meaning from and for himself.

I think that in Newell Harry’s exhibits, he was focusing mainly in the larger picture around the culture, the people and tried to preserve the aspect of personal stories in these smaller community and the bond that he formed with the people. These objects which he collected was exhibited in “The Oceanic” to remind us that the rich culture is what we need to preserve right now. Using the Polynesians as the representation of every one on earth where we live off the resources of mother nature, if we were to destroy the habitats in the sea or do not solve the rising sea level issue, we would soon lose these Polynesians and cultures. If they, the frontier of the sea were done for, the rest of humanity would shortly follow suit.



NTU CCA Booklet: EXHIBITION The Oceanic
9 December 2017 – 4 March 2018

25-27 January 2018 

Newell Harry’s Exhibitions

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Video: Newell Harry at the Kula Ring Expedition

Video : Tattoo and Tapa: Reclaiming Pacific Symbols | Frances C. Koya Vaka’uta | TEDxSuva