2D sem 2 Project 3 – Zine – Final-Final1-Final2-FinalEdited-ReallyFinal-ReallyReallyFinal…..






Finally final, throughout this project, I’ve learnt many things, how to use InDesign, the very basic of laying out and making of a Zine(which i am really bad in and still feel so after the project), if unsure – ask, if still unsure after asking – copy other peoples work in your own style. I also learn that how a block of text should be like in a page and such.


DO NOT LEAVE THE PRINTING SHOP BEFORE CHECKING ON THE PRINT QUALITY AND ALIGNMENT OR ELSE YOU WILL WASTE TON OF MONNNIIIEESSSSS!!! and also to prove that i cant decide which coverpage to use till last minute, i printed all potential coverpage out and cut the gold and silver one by one and very carefully to make sure every one of them is submission worthy. chose the bottom row middle one in the end as it is more WindStyle- MY STYLE.

2016-04-11 22.26.57



lastly, I realise page layout is totally different from a piece of painting/artwork as a good page layout is totally unnoticeable, unlike a painting when it is good, it will grab attention. so in conclusion, I survived this project and tried my best to stay afloat and not to die in my own failure of self doubting, became very doubtful of my judgement of beauty, know i cant handle this project myself and go around asking people about opinion and “This 1 nice or not?” to try to produce something consultation worthy and finally, receive advice given by Shirley and made huge improvements to my work and tried to do the best i can within my capabilities and tadaaaa! im done.

2D sem 2 Project 3 – Zine – Research and executions – PART 2!

like I said, I will keep trying, i cant judge weather my work looks ok or not (again, im really bad in laying out and choosing font)

so I just keep doing different versions of the same thing, by doing this, I hope I can learn which style suits me other than #WindStyle. and how to develop a sense of laying out, by asking around



Yes simple thing like placing one TITLE I ALSO PLAY SO LONG, just this simple thing spent a few hours of my life. SERIOUS.

place here looks weird, place there looks ok, go do other stuffs and come back, my ok become weird so i heed to re position things.

thats for coverpage, and after that.. the other 6pp……



This is the only spread i confirmed after consultation and Shirley advice me to shift the circle from the middle of the spread to cropped at around 2/3 of the spread for it to be more visual appeal and i think it also concentrate all breathing space to one side and it will look much better this way.

page 2-3e2


Page 4&5, the black and white. at first there was no breathing space so i took Shirley advice to page 4-5e3final 13



For page 6 & 7, i hange from 6 small tumbnail to 2 to give it more breathing space

page 4-52e2


After adjusting all of this again and again. i realise this is totally not my thing, luckily i diden go into Visual Communication.. wheww~~


2D sem 2 Project 3 – Zine – Research and executions.

I’ll start off with different ideas for my book title. as the content will revolve around book  title, its the most important thing!!!

  • The Little Book of Rejected Ideas.
  • Best of 2D
  • The Rejected
  • Behind the Submits
  • #WindStyle

Test of ideas(coverpage) and trying out the coverpage, although theres a saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” but this is a 8 PAGE ZINE. COVER is half(or 1/8 in mathematical judgement) as important as the content!!!behind the submits-01windstyle1-02-01


After thinking for a long time of what i want to put into the book, and got totally no idea!!!!!!!

browsed all of my past works and below are the possible pages I think I will be using, but this doesnt seems right, first time laying out a book and I realise i am really bad in layout after a long time playing with it, then i settled with just 1 picture per page so i dont have to worry about layout, this is a fail example, dont learn from me…. I shall retry again.

Try14 Try13 Try12


After a day of failure, I started a new day.try23page 2-3e page 4-5e2page 4-52

After consulting with Shirley, I notice that i have totally no breathing space in my spread, font choice wasnt good, lack of hierarchy in my spread, and I always know that i am really bad in laying out, choosing font, if you ask me to draw/compose a picture, i could do it without much thinking, then give me text, I DIED.







2D sem 2 Project 2 – Perspective – Research and executions.

Buddha in the point of view of Buddhist is:

For this work, I wanted to give Buddha an explosive pose to separate him from the usual calmness and stillness which is normally depicted in all painting and statue of Buddha, therefore again, I referenced superman SupermanJLBColorWeb

as superman is the “IDEAL” man which fits the way i think Buddha this piece should be, buddhis2

And tadaa! a SupperBuddha!


Buddha in the point of view of Jesus is:

I started this piece by researching on references and i came across this piece.


PERFECT! I will just draw them in manga style and substitute Jesus and Buddha into the picture, and my to the dog in the picture,


simple and sweet, i really like this piece as it is really funny!! with the shades and guns and such! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!


Buddha in the point of view of ADM is:
You Need To Study.

This is a straight forward piece, I found a ADM picture and redraw it, then i add myself studying in the picture and thats it!


for myself in the picture! i did not reference anything and i am surprise that my back view is so unique that everybody know that is me!!! it took me kind of long to draw the adm in detail as theres LOTSSSS of lines!



Buddha in the point of view of Alien is:
“Whats that?”

This idea comes from “Buddha in the point of view of Space is Omnipresence”, and since there is “space”, there will be Alien and even Buddha is present in outer space, the alien dont know who is he even if he is infront of the alien due to culture difference. so..

this will be an Vector file to switch my style within digital format.i really like the simplistic whimsical feeling to the picture i referenced,


For this piece, I used Live trace which I learnt last semester,(the BEST THING ILLUSTRATOR CAN USE!!!!) and removed the whale from the picture and edited my image of Buddha Gandhara_Buddha_(tnm)

which i also Auto Trace it and removed all the fine detail so i can get a vectorize image of buddha and switch the colour scheme to match the whole thing.


Buddha in the point of view of Monkey God is:

This will be the hardest among all 6 as i attempt realistic illustration, which will take alot of time from my experience, and after hours of referencing, I COULD FIND NOTHING WHICH I COULD USE! NO ONE EVER DEPICT MONKEY GOD IN THE WAY I WANT.

so, i simply have to create EVERYTHING FROM SCRATCH, the only reference I did is the headgear monkey god is wearing by finding what the historical figure LuBu(god of war) is wearing.

After hours and hours of fine tuning my image, i arrived at this sketch.

Monkey Godd

the sketch part is simple, but the colouring part is the most time consuming part.

so i did it slowly, bit by bit.

Monkey Godd2 Monkey Godd3Tiring process!!! the hair is the hardest thing to do!


Buddha in the point of view of a Lotus is:

The only hand painted piece to break all my link in the previous 5 work: Digital drawing, so this is pained using water colour to give it a different feel to it, i did not have a photo of the process as i was too engrossed in completed the work and forgot about taking photo. so yeah~

THATS ALL for my process!!


2D sem 2 Project 2 – Perspective – Final

The final work is done in 6 different style as this is a “point of view” project, therefore I think it would be better if the style of the final work are all different so as to take the project away from the artist(me) and the viewer wont think that the work comes from the same artist as I want to show different perspective so a single style wont be sufficient.  However, all my works are stringed by 1 element- Humor, by bringing things that would break the ordinary impression of Buddha.

Buddha in the point of view of Buddhist is:

I’ll start off with the the point of view of a Buddhist, as they are the primary “subscriber” of Buddha, they should take the first place.

In this work, I used a mixed of photo(background) and drawings(foreground). The the complementary colour of the sky with the orangy robe of the Buddha bring the focus to the huge flying Buddha figure which occupy most of the top half of the work, the hierarchy of Buddha is clear as the placement, the size and is “framed” out by the shining light, the “monk” worshipping Buddha in the picture is added to be small to contrast the largeness of the Buddha(imagine the picture without the monk, the Buddha wont look big at all)

The point of this picture is that “Anything that glows is holy, anything that flies are better than those who can’t.” so I drew a muscular Buddha in an explosive flying pose to break the ordinary impression of Buddha is a skinny/plump guy who sit under the bodhi tree all day.

Buddha in the point of view of Jesus is:

After researching about “Brother”, “Duo” and lots of “cool dudes” i found a poster of Man In Black 2, it is SUPER similar to what I have in mind – “cool, shades and guns” and in the poster, there is an additional bonus! the DOME SHAPE CHAIR THAT REPRESENT THE HALO OF JESUS AND BUDDHA!! THIS IS PERFECT~

So, I simply make it a black and white piece drawn in the manga style to bring out the COOLNESS in it, however I dont want people to think that this is an original work, I intend to show that I copied it off the original work straight and changing the elements of it, that will be the funny part of my work, its more like a parody/spinoff/fanart instead of an original work.

Buddha in the point of view of ADM is:
You Need To Study.ADMrgb

Every ADM student will know Buddha, because its tested, most of us studied, some died while studying (not literally I hope).2016-03-11 17.57.29

For the final work, I tried to cut and laminated the window to give it different texture and made the “glass” of the window more glossy to give further effect of there is a piece of glass there. gif below to show the gloss difference of the “glass” and other parts.


Buddha in the point of view of Monkey God is:

monkey godrgb

The only realistic work, Monkey God is always portrayed as magnificent, cool, powerful, agile, confident, playful etc.etc.

I’ll take away all of that. leaving the monkey god a set of fancy outfit and his Golden Rod, as there is totally no reference for this picture, this is really hard to draw and I spent lots of time to finish this piece, drawing the hair strand by strand, highlight and shadow, highlight and shadow.

The colour scheme is chosen to be analogous and on the warmest side because there should not be a cool element in here. The monkey god is placed around bottom 1/4 of the picture, heavily cropped body and the active space removed (the main subject moving/looking into the picture instead of out of it, but in this case the monkey god is looking out of the picture hence no active space) to make him feel small and losing all the confident

For the final, I printed 2 of the same piece on different paper(gold sticker and white paper), cut out the golden part from the gold sticker to give all the gold a reflective surface to enhance the overall texture!

2016-03-11 18.46.40

The final work.ezgif.com-gif-maker (1)

Buddha in the point of view of Alien is:
“Whats that?”


A Vector art of Buddha in the POV of Alien, If Buddha is omnipresent, Buddha will be in space, however the problem is that Buddha is only part of human culture and so alien wont know who or what a Buddha is even he is floating around in the galaxy. SO! due to culture difference of alien, they will catch Buddha and do experiment on him and probably probing him too. the background is set to be space themed, using transparent squares and circles shape of various blue and greens plus white to give the feeling of childishness, playfulness and activeness. The stars in the background is to give the whole composition a set of points to fix everything in their place, it serves a purpose like a pin, imagine the picture without the stars, it would look relatively plain and the background would no longer look like background.

lastly, it is a triangular composition with the Buddha in the middle, the base is filled with white”bubbles” to counter the white of UFO and the beam coming down, giving the whole composition a sense of stability even if the UFO is flying and nothing really touches the ground.

Buddha in the point of view of a Lotus is:


The only hand painted piece to break all common theme until now – Digital art. Drawn in water color and the main subject of this is the heavily cropped laughing Buddha but in this work, the main subject is not the main focus, the viewers first look will be the Buddha due to the size, but very soon the attention will be drawn to the lotus flower instead due to 2 reasons

1- the contrast between the blackest black and the almost whitest white in the whole composition, sitting right next to each other.

2- Theoretically there will be shadow cast by the Laughing Buddha, there is no shadow on the lotus, suggesting that it is not normal, anything that break the ordinary will draw attention.

in the visual weight, red is heavier than pink and it is overwhelmingly heavier by the amount of red above the pink, the laughing buddha is also cropped to suggest that “there are more weight thats outside of the picture” also, the flower is “weigh” by the red from the top and surrounded by black which is the heaviest visual colour, making it compressed and have”no where to be pushed into”, making the lotus flower fully oppressed.

2D sem 2 project 2 – Perspective – Research/interpretation.

This project is about different perspective on an item,

a Vegetable to a vegetarian is food

a Vegetable to a carnivore is Food farm

it would be a funner project if it were the different perspective from an item,

a vegetarian to a Vegetable is murderer

a Carnivore to a Vegetable is Saviour

So we are required to think about the many perspective on a single item, not many perspective From the item. We are looking at a things from many different perspective, not looking at different things from one perspective. although i prefer the later, but oh well, I’ll do what I should.

After thinking about different possibilities, the idea of “I need to find a interesting object so that I can have many interesting perspective of it.” as a starting point is very inefficient. Because what make this project interesting is never the “object” but the “perspective” of the object and hence this title”PERSPECTIVE” as project title instead of “OBJECT” . NOW I KNOW~

I shall not start the project by thinking about “INTERESTING OBJECT” as an object that is too interesting will restrict my creativity into a small box. SO~ I will start the project by thinking about “WEIRD PERSPECTIVE”. 

“Object” that “Subject” dont have
food to the starving
money to the poor
love to the widow

“Object” that “Subject” dont want
responsibility to the irresponsible
homework to the student
bills to anybody

“Object” that “Subject” wants
Kids to the infertile couple
Freedom to the inmates
legs to the disabled

“Object” that “Subject” survive on
water to human
rope to bungee jumper
garbage to garbage collector

“Object” and “Subject” are of good terms
paper to glue
photo to frame
Ice to Martell

“Object” and “Subject” that are in the same environment
Forest to the tiger
planes to the birds
principle to the teacher

“Object” and “Subject” hate each other
communism to capitalism
light to dark
fire to ice

“Object” and “Subject” that have totally no relationship
shoe to fish
cannon to cup
coffee to elephant


Approach 2 – Provocative object, an Provocative subject will have a different result no matter who is looking at it. (and possibly making me a bad person by presenting it)

-Lees family
-Donald Trump
-Kim Jung ill
-Tom Cruise
-Emma Watson
-Justin Bieber

The deceased
-Michael Jackson
-Bruce Lee

Approach 3 – philosophical question, A philosophical question will have a different meaning to everything, which simply said, these are what I meant “Interesting object”



SO! after a Big list of object and perspective i could use, I chose a few potential object which i could use.

Kids from the point of view of parent is cute
Kids from the point of view of teenager is annoying
Kids from the point of view of infertile couple is envy
Kids from the point of view of pedophile is arousing
Kids from the point of view of teacher is education
Kids from the point of view of information counter is DING DONG! the parent of…
Kids from the point of view of old is once upon a time
Kids from the point of view of adult is innocence
Kids from the point of view of country is future generation
Kids from the point of view of time is little
Kids from the point of view of theme park is money
Kids from the point of view of a dog is friend
Kids from the point of view of toys is master
Kids from the point of view of knife is DONT TOUCH ME!
Kids from the point of view of kidnapper is easy target
Kids from the point of view of war is no difference
Kids from the point of view of bacterial is home
Kids from the point of view of computer is You dont know what you are doing, kid.


Buddha from the point of view of Buddhist is holy
Buddha from the point of view of Christian is denial
Buddha from the point of view of China is Large statue
Buddha from the point of view of India is Small statue
Buddha from the point of view of Jesus is brother
Buddha from the point of view of Atheist is does not exist
Buddha from the point of view of Lotus is You are heavy
Buddha from the point of view of Follower is good example
Buddha from the point of view of Student is teaching
Buddha from the point of view of Food is don’t eat much
Buddha from the point of view of Mountain is hand
Buddha from the point of view of Sun Wu Kong is afraid
Buddha from the point of view of Temple is attraction
Buddha from the point of view of after life is enlightenment
Buddha from the point of view of Art history is you need to know
Buddha from the point of view of Space is omnipresence
Buddha from the point of view of Alien is whats that?
Buddha from the point of view of Karma is zero


Bangladeshi from the point of view of Singapore is Foreign
Bangladeshi from the point of view of house is parent
Bangladeshi from the point of view of Mustafa is income
Bangladeshi from the point of view of Racist is not important
Bangladeshi from the point of view of development is essential
Bangladeshi from the point of view of construction is cheap labor
Bangladeshi from the point of view of their family is sacrifice
Bangladeshi from the point of view of Bangladesh is citizen
Bangladeshi from the point of view of Indian is different
Bangladeshi from the point of view of singaporean is doing jobs that they dont want to do
Bangladeshi from the point of view of food store is 50 packet
Bangladeshi from the point of view of Maid is boyfriend
Bangladeshi from the point of view of volunteer is need help
Bangladeshi from the point of view of public is hold hand
Bangladeshi from the point of view of picnic is every night
Bangladeshi from the point of view of cricket is sunday
Bangladeshi from the point of view of hostel is full
Bangladeshi from the point of view of pants is full of paint


After Listing 3 possible set of 18 I might use,
it seems like the order which I list it is in provocative order,
Kid is not provocative, Buddha is slightly provocative and Bangladeshi is VERY provocative.
And in my 24 years or experiences, always choose the one in the middle as there are more room for exploration (and salvage) because if I choose the VERY PROVOCATIVE one, I might not be able to salvage it which leads to deadly consequences(atleast for me)

now, let the Buddha bless me.


Buddha will always bless his devotee so here you go.
I am now a devotee



the 6/18 I chose

Buddha from the point of view of Buddhist is holy
Buddha from the point of view of Jesus is brother
Buddha from the point of view of Lotus is You are heavy
Buddha from the point of view of Sun Wu Kong is afraid
Buddha from the point of view of Art history is you need to know
Buddha from the point of view of Space is omnipresence



2D Sem 2 Project 1 – TYPO – Final 4


I am a Vandaliser2016-02-15 19e3

The most Straightforward piece among my 4 final, self explanatory, Yellow is used because it is the loudest and brightest colour, i want it to have the BANG effect, the red splutter in the middle bring out the yellow even more.

I am a 3D Artist
2016-02-14 23e4

I really like the effect of this piece, if I separate them into pieces, it would not look anywhere nice, but if I stack them together, the 3D effect is really striking. especially the drop shadow between each layers add to the effect!

I am Trypophobic
2016-02-15 19e2

Really very disturbing for me, but the more I look at it, the more OK I become. Because I look at it so much when making it, I kind of force myself to fight my slight phobia and overcome it just a bit.

I am an Electrician2016-02-15 19e12016-02-15e2

Looking at the real thing, the background is gold, therefore the yellow LED fade with the background, making the red appear slightly more red than it is. I think the knob is a very cool effect as anything that allows interactions would better having none.

2D Sem 2 Project 1 – TYPO – Process/execution/Experimentation

I Am The President

I REALLLLYYYY like this one, but I think I am not going to use this as one of my final as the typo of this work isnt really showint that i am the president, whats doing the work is the overall image which is a ripoff of $10 Singapore note, which made this really funny!

I Am a Ninjaninja

My initial idea was to use it as black on black, because the small letter ‘e’ and the capital letter ‘N’ forms a human shape, and the shape of ‘e’remind me of a ninja which fits into my black on black idea, after some exploration in the font and such, this is the result of experimentation, the background image is one of the best i could find, however the resolution kind of destroy it, maybe gonna find some other background for it or discard this totally.

I Am a VandaliserVandaliser

Another potential piece as a final, graffiti is the first thing that came to my mind when talking about typography, because i used to like the style of graffiti painting, the “illegal” part of it makes it VERY EXCITING!! *i had not done it btw* another reason i liked graffiti is the vibrancy in most of the street graffiti, it is loud, expressive and sometime aggressive, which i think its great as a form of expression as well as a great art.

I Am a 3D Artist2016-01-14 22.34.03

Wind is my English name! I used it when I was backpacking as the Ang Mor cant really pronounce Zi Feng, so the Feng = Wind.

At first i draw the type by hand, afterward I gave up and use masking instead, its more accurate this way!  carefully measure up the centralization and traced it using acrylic paint, why blue? because its the wind. wind feels bluish for me if i have to give it a colour.
2016-01-15 14.04.09Why dandelion? because Wind cant really be seen and something need to be used to show it, something classy and elegant like dandelion is used to give the feeling of a cool breeze (not tornado or hurricane!)

Spent alot of time just to do this, total of 10 layers of acrylic, painted each layer by layer, one of the easier part is the alignment of every layer and paint (easy as in skill, totally not easy as in time wise.), the harder part is to get the dust off between every layer..( difficult in skill & time wise, 2 surface each piece, after I cleaned the bottom of the top layer, I have to re-clean the top of the bottom layer again, removing all fingerprint and dust isnt easy, imagine sticking 20 piece of screen protector on your phone without any dust in between, its crazy!!)


I Am There2016-01-18 22.18.40

Started on the idea of White on White, tiny little font in the middle of huge blank background (not really, its just a A5, so tiny font will do) carefully cut out 1mm styrene sheet of my name.. e n g is extra difficult to cut due to the curve and the inside angle. lots of trimming must be done.

As I need the shadow to drop at certain angle, I need to carefully place the typo so it do not sit in the dead center of the A5, I have to take in the consideration of where the shadow will fall and my centralized position of the typo will be “popout text + shadow” it seems like a minute difference, but it is these minute difference differentiate a perfect piece from a regular ones. So in conclusion, the position of the typo will be slightly to the top left of the “supposed center” to counter the distance of the drop shadow created.
2016-01-22 09.37.59 sticking cutted out styrene name on A5 styrene sheet by using the thin cement which is used to build plastic model, it simply melts the styrene and fused together when it dries.2016-01-22 09.38.27 2016-01-22 10.03.12 Airbrushing white on white on white just to remove any difference in texture, imperfection during cutting and make sure it look like its popping out from the paper. BUT SOMETIMES ACCIDENT HAPPENS!!!2016-01-22 10.23.37After the accident happens, i have to sand the thing down and rework it.
2016-01-22 10.07.00resume airbrushing after sanding.

I Am Old

oldthis is an illustrator file which i am going to transfer it by lino printing 
and this is what i am going to carve on the lino. still thinking about the way to transfer the print accurately. hmmm i’ll see what i can do..

I Am an Electrician

Electrician always start to learn circuit using the most basic exercise, to learn how to light up LED lights. seems easy but theres some calculation to be done so as not to burn your LEDs, which i burnt a few due to my inexperience.

2016-01-13 09.25.04
2016-01-15 10.46.32

I tried to form the word FENG on the bread board but its not sufficient to do so so i guess i need more LEDs (round instead of rectangular) a bigger board, which after some research online, there is no breadboard(the white plate which i stick my LEDS onto it) thats so big, i need to buy  circuit board and solder one by one. THIS WILL BE HARD! i’ll see what i can do.

I Am a Gardener

2016-01-23 21.54.51The most time consuming process, the carving out of the leaves.

2016-01-23 22.08.31 this is how it looks right after cutting out2016-01-23 22.20.07 and this is how it looks after the “rolling” of the leaves2016-01-23 22.23.06and against a lighter shade of green as backing, i kind of liked this and looking at the “g” it gave me another idea of I Am.. which is…..

I Am a Trypophobic

2D Sem 2 Project 1 – TYPO – Process/execution/Experimentation Part 2

I Am an Electrician Part 2

2016-01-26 20.05.16

I bought my LEDs, i need to calculate the power required to light up 10 LED in a series and parallel them in a series of 10s, according to calculation, it wont work as there is not enough power from 4 AA batteries to light up 10 LED in series, but in practical, they light up fine and i don’t know why. but atleast it works~~ WOOOOOO~

2016-01-26 20.27.38

so now i have to count how many LED I need in total, after calculations, theres 17 column and 10 row, so… 170 LEDs!!! OMGGGGG! each LED has 2 leg and i need to solder 340 times!! + the 17 resistor with 2 side, that makes 374 solders! and 374 is excluding the holes i need to solder to joint everything……… TIME CONSUMING!!! but i’ll do it.

2016-02-10 23.51.03

After calculating the amount of LED i need, now i need to mark out every position of the LED so as to not make mistake when i solder.(the gold ones are covered with heat resistance tape

2016-02-11 09.44.46

Plot my Red LED first, so i dont mix them up after i start to solder, this took alot of time even i havent start soldering as i need to cut the leg of the LEDs and bent them so they sit there without falling off.

2016-02-11 11.35.44

Now the Yellow LEDs

2016-02-11 12.05.23


2016-02-11 12.06.27

does it remind you of star wars’s storm troopers? nah i dident watch star wars but it remind me of them. neatly organised round white helmets. *insert darthvader theme song*2016-02-11 22.47.47Look at my stormtrooper’s leg, LOTS OF THEM! 340 to be exact, this is the massacre to their legs, and to my legs too, i think some flew all over my room and i wont be surprised to step on a few this few days.

2016-02-12 00.32.50the hard part will be soldering, SUPER TIME CONSUMING! there are 17 rows, but each LED has 2 leg, so i need to solder 34 rows WITHOUT MISTAKE!
2016-02-12 18.13.05

ANNNNNNDDDD I accidentally burnt out whole row of LEDs (10) after soldering so now i need to buy desolderer and learn how to desolder my LED to replace them…. STUPID ME!

2016-02-12 19.50.16Its hard work and SUPER time consuming but everytime I test it, I got this sense of achievement, LOOK AT MY LIGHTED UP STORM TROOPERSSSS~~

I Am a Sailor

2016-01-16 22.26.49I really liked this, but there is no typographic portrait in this so I cant really use this, the text here doesnt show that I am a sailor. so I came up with the 2nd version.
2016-02-02 09.35.21

This definitely suit the category of typographic portrait but I dont really like it anymore as it lack the “daring” and “thrilling” part for me.

I Am Hallucinating

2016-01-16 20.37.15Hallucinating is me in my own world, so I could see vibrant colours which doesnt really make sense and I couldn’t know how will it look like until i finished it. It is a mix of glue and acrylic paint on thick clear plastic sheet. Left is the plastic sheet and right is after I stamped it on paper.

2016-02-14 23.15.35 2016-02-14 23.15.47

I redo it a few times to see more variation and nope. 2016-02-14 23.16.09

I kind of like the one at right, but nope, its not good enough to be used as my final.

I Am Old Part 2

2016-01-26 14.49.15The finished lino cut.
2016-02-02 09.04.44Stamp them on old looking paper which I make by dappling kopi o kosong onto the paper. I REALLLLYY like this as i put some effort into it, but the final result didn’t have the “Old” in my “ONG ZI FENG” so i didn’t use this as final. (Lucky the project require 4 final as opposed to 6 =DD) HAHAHA~

I Am Trypophobic Part 2

2016-02-02 17.37.04

My clay cracked after it dried so I need to fix all cracks using Tamiya putty to make sure they don’t crack again.

2016-02-03 08.25.54after I fixed all my cracks, I need to spray them into skin colour to give the ITCH that I am feeling right now. I think its more disgusting when it is skin colour, because we can relate to it, imagine them growing on your scalp….. yes…. your head is itchy now.
2016-02-03 08.31.25

The done piece. now i need to add depth, blood, “disgusting” and “itch” to it.

2016-02-03 09.29.10

some shading, shadow and abit of dried blood.

2016-02-10 22.26.04

after i coat it with a layer of white glue to give it a slight shine + MORE BLOOD IN THE HOLES OMGGGGGGGGG! I AM DYINGGG



2D Sem 2 Project 1 – TYPO – Research

First thing first, as always.

Understanding/Interpretation of project.

There are many things to be researched, by breaking down the project into 6 “I Am _____________”

simply said, this means that I could use any noun

A noun (from Latin nōmen, literally meaning “name”)[1] is a word that functions as the name of some specific thing or set of things, such as living creatures, objects, places, actions, qualities, states of existence, or ideas.

Examples :

I Am Einstein (People)

I Am a Lion (Animal)

I Am a Eraser (Object)

I Am a Theme park (Place)

I Am Running (Action)

I Am Handsome (Quality)

I Am Dead (State of existence)

I Am Thinking about this. (Idea)

just using the definition of “Noun” I’ve got 8 categories to choose from, and I am sure there are much more than that. (Job, Mental state or anything funny.)

I Am….

3D Artist

Yusof Ishak/president

Crime Scene Investigator


Pokemon Trainer
Product Designer
World Changer
A Stone
A Tree
Having Narcolepsy
Anti Social
Catfood Quality Controller
Roadkill Collector
Toilet Cleaner
Manure Inspector
Animal Masturbator
Coffee Adict
Time Traveller
Glass Blower
Dissociative identity disorder



A list of careers which many of whichI had never thought before there is a name for it. Picked out a few which has potential for 2D like Acupuncturist, Archeologist and Engraver

There are many things i diden know that it will affect design and feeling just by typography, i knew its important but dident really researched about it, now i know something about – Colour, Emphasis, Font choice, Shape Photography typo, Feeling and Emotion and Alignment of type

This is a slightly more in depth video of typography which i learnt alot technical knowledge which i dident know exist. baseline, X height, Descender, Ascender, Serif & San Serif and Kerning.



draw in black on white, scan it, invert and overlay onto a background