2D Sem 2 Project 1 – TYPO – Process/execution/Experimentation Part 2

I Am an Electrician Part 2

2016-01-26 20.05.16

I bought my LEDs, i need to calculate the power required to light up 10 LED in a series and parallel them in a series of 10s, according to calculation, it wont work as there is not enough power from 4 AA batteries to light up 10 LED in series, but in practical, they light up fine and i don’t know why. but atleast it works~~ WOOOOOO~

2016-01-26 20.27.38

so now i have to count how many LED I need in total, after calculations, theres 17 column and 10 row, so… 170 LEDs!!! OMGGGGG! each LED has 2 leg and i need to solder 340 times!! + the 17 resistor with 2 side, that makes 374 solders! and 374 is excluding the holes i need to solder to joint everything……… TIME CONSUMING!!! but i’ll do it.

2016-02-10 23.51.03

After calculating the amount of LED i need, now i need to mark out every position of the LED so as to not make mistake when i solder.(the gold ones are covered with heat resistance tape

2016-02-11 09.44.46

Plot my Red LED first, so i dont mix them up after i start to solder, this took alot of time even i havent start soldering as i need to cut the leg of the LEDs and bent them so they sit there without falling off.

2016-02-11 11.35.44

Now the Yellow LEDs

2016-02-11 12.05.23


2016-02-11 12.06.27

does it remind you of star wars’s storm troopers? nah i dident watch star wars but it remind me of them. neatly organised round white helmets. *insert darthvader theme song*2016-02-11 22.47.47Look at my stormtrooper’s leg, LOTS OF THEM! 340 to be exact, this is the massacre to their legs, and to my legs too, i think some flew all over my room and i wont be surprised to step on a few this few days.

2016-02-12 00.32.50the hard part will be soldering, SUPER TIME CONSUMING! there are 17 rows, but each LED has 2 leg, so i need to solder 34 rows WITHOUT MISTAKE!
2016-02-12 18.13.05

ANNNNNNDDDD I accidentally burnt out whole row of LEDs (10) after soldering so now i need to buy desolderer and learn how to desolder my LED to replace them…. STUPID ME!

2016-02-12 19.50.16Its hard work and SUPER time consuming but everytime I test it, I got this sense of achievement, LOOK AT MY LIGHTED UP STORM TROOPERSSSS~~

I Am a Sailor

2016-01-16 22.26.49I really liked this, but there is no typographic portrait in this so I cant really use this, the text here doesnt show that I am a sailor. so I came up with the 2nd version.
2016-02-02 09.35.21

This definitely suit the category of typographic portrait but I dont really like it anymore as it lack the “daring” and “thrilling” part for me.

I Am Hallucinating

2016-01-16 20.37.15Hallucinating is me in my own world, so I could see vibrant colours which doesnt really make sense and I couldn’t know how will it look like until i finished it. It is a mix of glue and acrylic paint on thick clear plastic sheet. Left is the plastic sheet and right is after I stamped it on paper.

2016-02-14 23.15.35 2016-02-14 23.15.47

I redo it a few times to see more variation and nope. 2016-02-14 23.16.09

I kind of like the one at right, but nope, its not good enough to be used as my final.

I Am Old Part 2

2016-01-26 14.49.15The finished lino cut.
2016-02-02 09.04.44Stamp them on old looking paper which I make by dappling kopi o kosong onto the paper. I REALLLLYY like this as i put some effort into it, but the final result didn’t have the “Old” in my “ONG ZI FENG” so i didn’t use this as final. (Lucky the project require 4 final as opposed to 6 =DD) HAHAHA~

I Am Trypophobic Part 2

2016-02-02 17.37.04

My clay cracked after it dried so I need to fix all cracks using Tamiya putty to make sure they don’t crack again.

2016-02-03 08.25.54after I fixed all my cracks, I need to spray them into skin colour to give the ITCH that I am feeling right now. I think its more disgusting when it is skin colour, because we can relate to it, imagine them growing on your scalp….. yes…. your head is itchy now.
2016-02-03 08.31.25

The done piece. now i need to add depth, blood, “disgusting” and “itch” to it.

2016-02-03 09.29.10

some shading, shadow and abit of dried blood.

2016-02-10 22.26.04

after i coat it with a layer of white glue to give it a slight shine + MORE BLOOD IN THE HOLES OMGGGGGGGGG! I AM DYINGGG



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