2D sem 2 Project 2 – Perspective – Research and executions.

Buddha in the point of view of Buddhist is:

For this work, I wanted to give Buddha an explosive pose to separate him from the usual calmness and stillness which is normally depicted in all painting and statue of Buddha, therefore again, I referenced superman SupermanJLBColorWeb

as superman is the “IDEAL” man which fits the way i think Buddha this piece should be, buddhis2

And tadaa! a SupperBuddha!


Buddha in the point of view of Jesus is:

I started this piece by researching on references and i came across this piece.


PERFECT! I will just draw them in manga style and substitute Jesus and Buddha into the picture, and my to the dog in the picture,


simple and sweet, i really like this piece as it is really funny!! with the shades and guns and such! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!


Buddha in the point of view of ADM is:
You Need To Study.

This is a straight forward piece, I found a ADM picture and redraw it, then i add myself studying in the picture and thats it!


for myself in the picture! i did not reference anything and i am surprise that my back view is so unique that everybody know that is me!!! it took me kind of long to draw the adm in detail as theres LOTSSSS of lines!



Buddha in the point of view of Alien is:
“Whats that?”

This idea comes from “Buddha in the point of view of Space is Omnipresence”, and since there is “space”, there will be Alien and even Buddha is present in outer space, the alien dont know who is he even if he is infront of the alien due to culture difference. so..

this will be an Vector file to switch my style within digital format.i really like the simplistic whimsical feeling to the picture i referenced,


For this piece, I used Live trace which I learnt last semester,(the BEST THING ILLUSTRATOR CAN USE!!!!) and removed the whale from the picture and edited my image of Buddha Gandhara_Buddha_(tnm)

which i also Auto Trace it and removed all the fine detail so i can get a vectorize image of buddha and switch the colour scheme to match the whole thing.


Buddha in the point of view of Monkey God is:

This will be the hardest among all 6 as i attempt realistic illustration, which will take alot of time from my experience, and after hours of referencing, I COULD FIND NOTHING WHICH I COULD USE! NO ONE EVER DEPICT MONKEY GOD IN THE WAY I WANT.

so, i simply have to create EVERYTHING FROM SCRATCH, the only reference I did is the headgear monkey god is wearing by finding what the historical figure LuBu(god of war) is wearing.

After hours and hours of fine tuning my image, i arrived at this sketch.

Monkey Godd

the sketch part is simple, but the colouring part is the most time consuming part.

so i did it slowly, bit by bit.

Monkey Godd2 Monkey Godd3Tiring process!!! the hair is the hardest thing to do!


Buddha in the point of view of a Lotus is:

The only hand painted piece to break all my link in the previous 5 work: Digital drawing, so this is pained using water colour to give it a different feel to it, i did not have a photo of the process as i was too engrossed in completed the work and forgot about taking photo. so yeah~

THATS ALL for my process!!


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