Micro-Project III – Teledrift Communication

Posted by Bryan Leow on Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Samantha and I are grouped to create our own third space in this micro project. Our theme is the uses of cup noodles, so we had an idea on calling each other through the gap between our screens, and so we linked both our screens together to form the third space where we can connect with each other with the cup noodles telephone. This third space exists because even though we are not connected physically, but we still can talk to each other through the ‘telephone’ as we can hear each other on the live stream. We have made the distance between us tangible using this third space. This performance therefore works. The intimacy created in our third space is the conversation between us.

We then continued the performance by cooking our own ‘telephone’. We went on merge our bodies together with the split screen, and cooked the cup noodles together by (almost) coordinating our movement with the ‘third body’.

Due to time constraints, we did not have time to practice, and so we are uncoordinated during the cooking of cup noodles. There was also another sequence which we wanted to try out but didn’t due to time constraint, which is to run from one screen to the other, before we go to cook our cup noodles. There was also an interruption of the performance as someone else wanted to use my water dispenser during the cooking sequence. That is one problem that may happen to a performance like this, the third space may be interrupted by another person of the public.


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