Party in the Quantum Realm – Media Art Nexus Final Submission

By Bryan Leow & Vanessa Wong

You’re cordially invited to our quantum house party! Inspired by the idea of the superposition principle, party guests and objects here do not adhere to physics as we know it. In this house party, while the rooms are entangled to one another, the guests exist in different states at the same time – however when finally being observed, only one state will remain.

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Party In The Quantum Realm – Media Art Nexus

Valuable Resources:

Animation Looping tutorial by Pixel & Bracket:

Glitch Effects tutorial by SonduckFilm:

Music: Party on Xenox 5 by Lobo Loco on Free Music Archives:

Free TV distort effect by Rocket Stock:



Media Art Nexus Progress (so far)

Wall test last week:

We found that low vibrance / slight desaturation works well, but not too much. The colours (now when I think about it) works good, just that there needs to be some kind of texture to even out the solidness of the colour.


The final look of the backdrops looks something like this: (note these are screenshots so its low res)

There are some additional textures which are not updated on these images but it’s okay, will show them next time.

The past weeks, Van was working on animating the characters while I’m finishing up the backdrops. Now that the backdrop is more or less done, I’m working on animating the objects.

Using tutorials, we learnt how to loop the animations which will complete everything. So for now, everything is going well and we just need to mass produce the animations and test it. Good thing is that we can still tweak the colours after we are done animating so if there’s any problems we can always fix it!

Animation test: (with van’s character animation + some of my bg animations)

So for now, we’ll continue animating.


Assets + Quick Look on Wall

I worked on the background while Vanessa worked on the characters!

Background Assets:


Living room (Process)

Originally gonna skip the sketch so I made this but it was very very geometric and lack planning / detail so i did a sketch in the end (see above)

Still not done yet on the right side.

Detailed view.

Bathroom (Process):

Still not done yet.

Kitchen (process):

Also not done yet!

Characters (done by Van)

UPDATE: These are photos and notes from the visit to the wall.

Forgive the quality as I just quickly did a screenshot of the images as they are too big size for OSS to load 🙁

I kinda liked how the screen converts the linework into thin pixels, kinda have an effect. The scale also looked alright but the colours are very very bright.

So here are our notes on improvements:

  • Desaturate and darken red
  • Brighten blue
  • Scale maybe try to make it smaller
  • More textures and shadows, less solid colours
  • Try control the colours more, maybe colour-code certain areas (eg. bathroom = more blue, living room = more yellow, etc)

Thanks fo reading! For reward, here’s Celine posing with our character! Beep!


Working with Vanessa on this!

Screenshots of media wall in sequence of events.

There will be 3 panels, the kitchen, the living room, and the bathroom. All 3 backgrounds will scroll to the right at their own speeds. Between each panels is a particle effect that is some kind of portal.

The house is filled with party goers which is actually just a few same people wearing different outfits doing different random things that is absurd and funny. The objects and the people will be animated.

The wall reaches the end of the artwork and all the people will look at the observer, out of the fourth wall. At this point, they realised that they are being watched, so the wave function collapses and the superposition becomes a fixed state, which in this case is the characters waving at the audience. The screen then turns off with a old school TV screen switch off effect together with some static.