FYP002 – Sensorial Rehabilitation

Sensorial Rehabilitation – FYP Presentation 2

Personal comments:

I found time to revisit what I’ve thought through previously and remembered the origin of my concept which is in senses and cognition when we expose ourselves repeatedly to stimuli that transforms into a new “sense” or instinct. Example, my body is able to estimate how long 5 minutes is due to my constant alarm snoozing; and how I dreamt of playing a game after hours of intense gaming. Took a step back and tried to simplify everything + researching helped.

Also just some self check:

Timeline: In progress

Moodboard: In progress

Interactive Environments Midterms


Experience “Poster”

Prototype 1:

My first prototype which did not work very well as I forgot to account for spacing at the side, resulting in me needing to manually down-size the wheel crudely.


The “Poster” is made to be an abstract version of the actual work. Using wheels and pages of images, the poster is interactive and is made to be intuitive for users to understand how to actual work may feel and look like.
Wheel rotation changing the animation of the projection
Colour will also change with the rotation of the wheel below
The image on the middle can be changed by flipping