red dot trip


Out of all the products showcased at the red dot, I was most amazed with the shaking baby cradle. This product is part of the human-robots exhibition, indicating a lifestyle where humans can coexist with the presence of robots to enhance quality of life.

What amazed me was how simple the concept is, yet how much time can be saved, amplified with the reduction of effort this product brings about. From the perspective of the paradigm of design, I would say this piece stands more towards human and function rather than emotion. Maybe the design would change to the needs of the baby, such as the inclusion of air ducts/gaps that cool the baby as babies need to turn around in case their backs get rashes due to overheating. Emotions wise, the cradle could be designed into something more colourful since it houses newborns and colours stimulates brain activity.

And I would definitely get one once they have an adult sized version.

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