2D II – Hello, My Name Is…

For the first class exercise – Hello, My Name Is. We are tasked to create 3 different design to represent different part of yourself. I find this exercise interesting as through images it allows other to have an idea of how you are like. It’s something new to me as I have no idea how to convey my message to others through images but I tried and here’s the 3 design that I came up with.


For the first design, why I chose to use a negative space to represent my name is because some times it seems visible but some times not. I am someone who can be talkative if I have to and I can be a complete opposite too, kinda like able to mix with everyone (not really, it depends actually).


For the second design, Indecisive. I can’t make decision most of the time, be it the simplest thing such as choosing what to eat for lunch/dinner, I will always get someone to decide and I will just follow. I do make decision sometime but it will take awhile before I conclude on something. Therefore, I used a figure that represent me in the middle with one hand scratching the head to symbolize that I am trying to think, along with all the messy arrow pointing everywhere it shows that I have no idea what is my decision yet.


For my third design, smile. It a very simple design with just a smiley face in the middle. The reason I drew that is because I am always smiling, of course there are times that I just don’t feel like entertaining everyone but most of the time I will just laugh at anything. As for the blue background, its just because my favorite color is blue.

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