2D – Project 2 Process v4

After consultation with Mimi, I realize my previous work was too complicated. I wanted to use the ladder to portray the sun ray.

wooden_ladder_stock_photo____png_by_annamae22-d7t7xfy 329acad3-d75a-4246-a009-4854944eb808

However, it kinda fail. The ladders is too distracting in the middle and it doesn’t seems to work in this design. Mimi told me to get inspiration from this artist, Dan Hillier.


Dan Hillier

I like how he combined the element together and give it a totally different feel. I tried to use this into my movie quote, however I need some comment on whether it works.

Image result for dan hillier Image result for dan hillier

Life’s a climb, but the view is great. – Hannah Montana: The movie

This is my updated version. I did two different design. For the first one, I tried using trees, flowers, branches to illustrate the view. The girl was standing on top of the mountain looking at the view. The layout kind of like stuck here, I tried spreading the trees apart too but I’m not sure what can I remove or add on to make it more interesting.


For the second design, it was still the girl standing on top of the mountain. This time the forest is like surrounding the girl and she is looking at the view.


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