4D II – Project 3 Process and Final


Project 3 is a continuation of my Project 2, I will be using the same video thus I have to focus on setting up of the space.

I am doing regarding my backbone condition, Scoliosis. In my space, I will be including these few items:

  1. Background information of Scoliosis
  2. Health booklet, information of my backbone during Primary school times will be seen
  3. Doctor appointment receipt, it shows the interval of visiting the doctor
  4. Photos of the clinic environment
  5. Brace, which was “given” to me in Primary school
  6. Monitor to display the video

The space that I will be using is in the classroom. I want to keep my space simple and straight forward where everything can be easily understood. This is the illustration of the space.



My artist reference was from the museum visit with the class. I feel that even though there is a lot of information pasted on the wall but yet not too overwhelming.

Setting up




A project talking about a girl insecurity where she was troubled by her back problem, Scoliosis. In this set up, she wants to show the viewer how long has this problem been stuck with her and allow the viewer to have a better understanding of Scoliosis with the information provided. The video shows a record of her problem with sounds that she always hear in the clinic which is something familiar to her.


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