Interactive II: Project Description (By Margaret, Yuqing & Jinyee)

Eventually everything connects.

The installation explores the connection between everything. Starting from the food chain of animals and plants to the family tree of  humans. We are all connected in one way or another. The weird feeling of how we have distant relatives who could be around the world or even how we are very emotionally linked to our animals is intriguing.  Some might say that feeling connected is a basic need of human as we have a sense of belonging to another. We feel like we have someone who would be there for us in time of need.

Therefore, a panel will be suspended above visitors and it will take the shape of a continuous origami tessellation panel. The reason for the continuous tessellation is to express the interconnectedness between the tessellations. Motors are attached to the panels to create a motion on the panel as people walk under it. Furthermore, the motors will be activated only when people are under it. The movement of the motor creates a movement in the intricate origami fold.  This movement triggered by people under it explains how without realising, many a times we are causing other things to happen. For example by throwing a seed of a fruit on the grass patch a tree accidentally grow or even talking loud affecting the person beside you. Furthermore, visitors will be able to interact with panel through the projection on the panel that will track their motion and create a trace of an image around them as they move under the panel. This is to enhance the idea of the ripple effect.

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