Interactive Spaces Mid Sem Project (Analog)


An artificial tree made up of matchsticks. The use of matchsticks is to indicates how this vicious cycle work where humans kill trees to create object for human use but yet harming the environment that affects humans too.


Honestly speaking, using matchsticks were really tedious due to its size. I used up almost 400 boxes of matchsticks and eventually ran out of matchsticks to complete the final branch.

Final Outcome (analog)

What can be improve?

Adding more interactive element, giving the audience a choice to burn or not to burn the tree. Human are usually the one making the decision thus this installation give them a choice to whether they want to harm the environment.

What’s next? (Digital)

Idea 1 – Projecting visuals on the ‘tree’

Using visuals to tell a story about the cause and consequence of deforestation.

Image result for projection mapping on trees
Tree Of Life Awakenings | New Nighttime Projection Mapping Show At Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Idea 2 – Unveil the Truth using Mobile Devices

Using mobile devices to pan through the tree, where it will slowly reveal the cause of deforestation. For example, setting the tree on fire and etc.

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Into the Wild – An Immersive Virtual Adventure

Click here for Mid Sem Project Prototype

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