quick update // oracle

Plans for the final project:

Location: Truss Room

Time: TBC


The takeaway from last week was how do we engage the audience even further, and get them to be interested to try out our performance again.

Quick recap:

Our initial methodology was to have each participant to randomly select a number and part of a sentence by shaking the sticks and that will form a sentence.

Current state:

We modified our methodology, to hopefully make it more engaging!

Our performance consists of three parts:

  1. Topic of fortune
  2. Main Fortune
  3. Continuation of Fortune
  • Each participant (now 3 instead of 5) will shake the sticks and produce their respective numbers that will be averaged.

E.g. Participant 1 draws 5, Participant 2 draws 1, and Participant 3 draws 8. [(5 + 1 + 8) / 3) ~= 5 ]

  • The first round will determine the topic of the fortune.
  • The second round of shaking sticks is to find out what their main fortune is based on the topic drawn.
  • The final round of shaking sticks will be a continuation of their fortune.


We are hoping that this is a more consistent approach and engage people to try it again!

Also, we got our equipment, so we can start working on the Arduino stuff!