Is it finally break time? // fyp

It is finally the end of the semester! But it is also crunch time with only five months remaining.

What to do over the break?

First up, get my damn laptop fixed. I just sent it in for water damage repair. There is a chance that I might lose all the files I have worked on for the past 14 weeks. If the process of retrieving the data becomes too tedious, I might have to fork out ALOT of money. So, while waiting for the verdict (and while i cry). I will be working on retrieving all my research from scratch.

After settling the laptop drama stuff, here is my plan for the break.

Finalise experiments for Singapore Freshwater Crab and Hawksbill Turtle:

Currently I have a rough plan on the experiments for each of them, but now I’m going to begin designing it out properly.

Start creating the first mock up for these two animals:

With the design in mind, I’ll start hunting for materials and creating a first draft of the experiments. If the first draft turns out well, I could use it for my final, so I intend to treat it as if I’m making the actual experiments.

Brainstorm on the other three animals:

I’ve been neglecting my other three animals (well partly because they are a pain in the ass to brainstorm). This involves planning and designing the experiments.

Work on mockup for one of them; Pangolin or Otter?:

I’ll try to start working on another mockup for a third animal.

End goal of this break?

By Jan, I should have planned for every animal, three first mockups and prepared to begin the mockup for the other two.

Also, get started on my FYP report!

For consultation, I’ll try to keep both supervisor’s updated biweekly either in person or through Teams.

End of November:

Settle my laptop issues, so that I can start working properly.

Also, retrieving all my research.

End of December:

Finish first mockup for the Crab and Turtle.

Before the Start of Sem 2:

Finish first mockup for the Pangolin or Otter.


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