final // hope


When I think back to the times I was hoping for something, I realised that when I’m hoping for something, I’m hoping for some sort of change in my life. For example, to be happier, to be closer to someone, for a better love life. All of these which involves some sort of change.

Then I thought, why do I want a change? Because I don’t want things to always stay the same, I want to grow. Grow as a better person, grow a close friendship, grow an everlasting relationship.

Hence, this forms the two key themes I would like to express in my project which are Change and Growth as my own interpretation of hope.

I decide to use two different icons to represent each theme. Change represented by a butterfly, and growth represented by a flower.

Throughout my compositions, you’ll see the process of a butterfly taking flight and the process of a flower blooming.

Why butterflies? I wanted it to resemble or represent the release of butterflies which is common in several events. For example, during funerals, the release of butterflies represent the deceased soul fluttering away or hope for the future. During weddings, it demonstrates a new chapter of the couple’s lives and positive change. During graduations, it displays how education has matured and transformed the graduate into an adult with a bright future.

So, the idea of the release of butterflies stems from the the idea to embrace a new CHANGE.

The blooming flower on the other hand represents growth and to grow to something beautiful.


In this composition, I integrated a flower that has not bloomed and a butterfly at rest.



This composition features a half bloomed flower and a butterfly preparing to take flight.


For my final design, it takes the form of a fully bloomed flower and a flying butterfly.



To have a look at the design process click here design process.