Micro Project 3: The Walking Story (Collaboration with Chen Jingyi)

Posted by Norafizah Normin on Monday, 29 January 2018

The video begins at 2:50

The Walking Story – A collaboration between Fizah & Jingyi

The Walking Story shows 2 wondering souls traveling around a place called ADM. They have enlisted the assistance of each other to aid them in their random journey through a Facebook Live.

As shy souls, we only see their feet as they wander around the school. The two souls begin their journey at different places unbeknown to each other. Using only a piece of paper with helping directions written (up, down, left, right), they ask the other for their opinion on which way they should go on their journey around ADM. The other will respond by performing directional signs only using their hands.

After 5 minutes of endless walking, the two souls stop in their track to reveal where they have ended up with the others direction.



To see where we would end up when you leave the decision on where you should go to someone else.



Start: Basement near lift lobby

End: 1st floor at the corner of the locker area

Jing Yi

Start: ADM Library

End: 3rd floor facing the grass patch

Other Ideas:

We started off by brainstorming ideas of how we should work together in sync. The other idea we had was similar to charades. We will be in different rooms and each takes a turn to give each other things to choose from. For example, someone starts off by saying “winter or summer”, then after 3 seconds, we will both have to say out our choice and try to be in sync with each other. It will gradually get more and more difficult; for example, if we say “love”, we will see if we both could do the same actions associated with “love”.

However, the cons are that there wouldn’t have a “climax” for the game and we are also afraid that the live stream would lag causing a delay in the reaction time by a few seconds.



In the beginning, being unfamiliar with Facebook Live, we were unsure of how to do the split screen. With Lei’s aid, we managed to get back on track. Throughout the journey, I also got worried about losing Wifi connection while walking around. I started the live stream with 58% phone battery and ended with 1%. Thankfully, my phone battery survived for the 5 minutes of filming. It was personally a fun experience and broaden my mind on ways to interact with someone through a live stream.

Jing Yi

Personally, I learn something new cause I seldom use Facebook and even to go live will be a challenge for me. It provides me with a different experience and also we use the third space as an interactive platform to communicate with each other.

Project 4 – Research

The start of Project 4 //

To help us with brainstorming ideas for our project, I embarked on a research into some artworks that were related to time.

One of the initial ideas I had was to expand on my interpretation of heaven from Project 3. Thus, I researched on an installation; Citizen “Light is Time”; that I felt could help in brainstorming and developing this idea.

Another initial idea I had was to create a time lapse video in an environmental setting to capture the changes in the environment throughout a day. While searching up on the web, I found a local artist, Keith Loutit, who has done several time lapses project around Singapore.

Citizen “Light is Time” Milano Salone / Milan Design Week 2014

Video Link: https://vimeo.com/103221146

Photograph by Takuji Shimmura

The “Light is Time” installation was developed in collaboration with Tsuyoshi Tane of DGT Architects and watch manufacturer Citizen. The installation features 80,000 suspended main plates, the basic component of a watch, suspended in a vacuum. The art installation explores the relationship between light and time. This award-winning installation was unveiled at Milan Design Week in April 2014.

Subject The arrangement of the suspended plates is an example of a non-representational subject.
Form The installation was created by suspending numerous layered plates from the ceiling which visitors can view.
Context To explore the relationship between light and time through a journey into the world of clocks. Tsuyoshi Tane – “Light is time. Without light the concept of time never would have arisen.” The installation was set up at the Milan Design Week, an international festival of design, in April 2014.
Content Both emotional and intellectual. Generates excitement and awestruck emotions. Also, the installation prompts viewer to ponder on “what is a watch?”

I found this artwork interesting because at first, I thought it looked like raindrops.  As I continued looking at the images, it appeared to look like a small golden plate. It was finally pieced together when I realised that Citizen was a watch manufacturer.

The installation engages the attendees in an immersive experiential journey when you step into the space. It prompts me to try and create something that my viewers can immerse themselves in.

The Lion City II – Majulah, Keith Loutit

Video Link: https://vimeo.com/169993072

This time lapse film was created by artist Keith Loutit. This 4 minute film features the changes in Singapore’s cityscape, capturing buildings being constructed, cars moving, people moving around, trees growing and much more. He hopes to let viewers see places that they are familiar with in a different way. He began his work in January 2013 and the entire project lasted for 3 years, up to June 2016.

Subject The time lapse film is an example of a representational subject as it features real places around Singapore.
Form The time lapse of different buildings taken over a period of 3 years were put together into a film montage. The artist used geographic data to position his camera at the same location every time, ensuring smooth transitions.
Context Showcases people moving throughout the city and the city’s growth which allows viewers to see familiar places in a different light.
Content Emotional content. It is meant to invoke strong emotions in regards to the growth of Singapore. “I wanted to make people feel that it could be them,” – Keith Loutit, in regards to the movement of people in the film.


Being Singaporean, I felt drawn and connected to this piece. Rarely have I ever stood at one spot and observe how different a place looks during the day and night, how different a building looks as the shadow cast moves throughout the day. I especially enjoyed the moment from 2:13 – 2:15 of the trees growing, even though it was just 2 secs, it had a strong impact on me.  Most parts of the film focused on the progression of the infrastructure in Singapore, but the artist decided to also include the progression of nature in our garden city.

A takeaway I can get from this artwork is the relatability of this piece, which allows the audience to have a better understanding of the work. People get excited to see things that they are familiar with. I hope that I can incorporate this into my own project.


Citizen “Light is Time” The Lion City II – Majulah, Keith Loutit
Theme: Time Theme: Time
Explores the relationship between light and time Showcases the changes in Singapore over the years
Installation art Film art
Interactive, viewers go to the physical location where they are to see, hear, and smell the artwork. Viewers can watch and listen it on any digital devices on the go.
Measured Time – in an actual space that people go to visit Edited Time – linear time lapse depicting the growth of Singapore over the years