Butterfly Effect(SuHwee & ZiFeng) Week 11 Milestone

Planned Milestone for Week 10-11:

  • Write up a rough Max Patch for Motion tracking using camera and particle/visual generation from the point/blob that was tracked by the motion tracking.
  • Catch more caterpillar/cocoon from different area and see how long they need to become butterfly + research more about butterfly.

Actual Milestone Done in Week 10 -11

  • Purchased the materials and built box for the project using acrylic.
  • Purchased a mini webcam and tested it with Max, the viewing angle is
  • Tried to find caterpillar off the wild and also met two community gardener in different location who said there wasn’t any caterpillar seen recently.
  • Managed to get two chrysalis of butterfly from friend.
  • Managed to talk to a conservationist in Singapore and he agreed to give us some chrysalis of butterfly of different species for our project.
  • searched for particle system and tutorials for Max and had been trying to make them work.


We went to Dama in Ubi to purchase our acrylic to build the box for this project, the box have the length of 2.5ft by 1ft by 1( 76 x 30 x 30 cm ) and net will be attached to one side of the box for ventilation.

Helping the Chrysalis to shift the house from the insect container to a proper container for better documentation process and prepare for the timelapse during the emerging process.

The lid of the container was replaced with a net hotglued in place for proper ventilation for the Crysalis.

Also, I’ve joint a butterfly community in singapore and tried to ask for people to help me to get caterpillars of chrysalis of butterfly, and Mr Foo, a conservationist in Singapore agreed to give us some chrysalis for the project!


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