Butterfly Effect(SuHwee & ZiFeng) Week 12 Milestone

This is the first time I’ve seen the butterfly emerged from chrysalis, these chrysalis of lime butterfly were given to us by our friend YaYu.



These 3 different species were given by the conservationist Mr.Foo, there were a total of 7 Chrysalis, 5 Leopard Lacewing, 1 Plain Tiger and 1 Lemon Emigrant. All 5 Leopard Lacewing had emerged this week and the other 2 will be coming out tonight or tomorrow morning.

Did a lot of butterfly related task this week which includes getting the chrysalis from Mr.Foo, setting the chrysalis up for documentation, waking up way too early to get the video of the eclosing process. laser cutting and build the final casing for the butterfly and presentation, Researched on what butterfly eats and how to feed them. buying Curry leaves from supermarket with vegetables for the butterfly to live with. And tried to get a second hand monitor screen from an online seller, the seller did not turn up and did not reply. Our 160 degree wide angle web camera had arrived from china and we will test it out really soon with Max.

While I was writing this post, The Lemon Emigrant eclosed! (and I diden see it nor video it!) now that the Lemon Emigrant came out, the last one that will be coming out will be the Plain Tiger.

Also for coding, we further researched about our max patch and spend most of our time studying and trying to merge/tweak the standard patch as well as what other people did for their project, some of the patch were too hard to understand until today’s lesson when LPD explained most of what the patch does then we understands(slightly) what the patch does.

From this week to next week we will focus mainly on the max patch and get something that could roughly work in terms of butterfly/motion tracking, visual generation and output to control a real life appliance using UDP or the wireless I-Cube X.


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