FYP Process 2 – Research in Japan

During the holiday, I went to Japan and did research as the first country that I would think of robotic will be Japan as they are really advance and I really love the styling of the way they built their robots (digitally or physically) as I grew up watching robot anime like Gundam.

Japan was awesome in technology, toys, and food!!

The Gundam outside Odaiba, Tokyo, I really like the styling of Gundams.

This is the The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) of Tokyo.

the iconic location of Miraikan, i am amazed by the scale of it.

Upon entering the Museum, I was greeted by one of the robots, its really cool to see the “undressed” robot so that i can take a look at the constructions and the system they were using. cool stuffs!


this personal vehicle was made by Honda which could carry the person, much like an hoverboard but the sitting version, the visitor could try it buy i missed this activity if not i would really love to try one.

The main purpose I went to Miraikan, to see the famous Asimo, its really cute and i love the astronaut-styling it has. i must say it was really well made and it can dance and kick a ball, although they are pre-programmed, its still inspiring nontheless.

there was this touch screen which display the details of the globe over there and explain the stuffs on it, since I am also using UI in my robot, this was the futuristic style I had in mind, black background with bluish outline that has the advanced feel to it.

The history of Bi-pedal Robots


I was inspired by the space exhibit and thought that it was really cool to build my robot with a space+futuristic theme as I like that style alot.

many of the exhibits in Miraikan was screen-based installation which was not related to FYP other than those that was in the post, however they were all amazingly made and really impressive.

Internal of Miraikan.

and I really like Asimo so i bought one figurine which was rather expensive but it will work as a exhibit for my FYP booth.



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