Interactive Devices – Device of the week 2: Boscloner

There are a spectrum of devices that serve its purpose to the user, devices that save people’s life, make live easier, and there are devices that would be a disaster when fall into the hand of the evildoer, Ladies and Gentlemen, today I present to you the latter, *Drumroll* THEEE BooosssCLONER!

The Boscloner is an RFID capture and cloning machine that will clone the proximity card(Read: NTU Matriculation card & Hall’s Key fobs ) wirelessly and send a notification to the user’s phone when the cloning process is done and the user could use the cloned card just like the victim card to access into restricted areas. Just how wicked is that! Boscloner is an open source project that they also sells the its components for¬†enthusiasts to build them from ground up!

Heres a video that explains how it work:

Amazing right!!!

Boscloner is an advance system that could clone the RFID proximity card just by being near the target, there are less complex system that could duplicate our matriculation card if we scan the card physically and write it into the empty proximity card and it could be built using Arduino.

Heres one video tutorial of Arduino proximity card cloner.

The basic idea here is to use RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag(card) that consist of an integrated circuit and antenna built into the tag:

Image result for RFID card cut up

and having a RFID system that could read or write the information stored in the tag. Image result for arduino RFID

as simple as it would sound, there are a multitude of applications for it, we could not only open doors to our class room, the industries had been using for task like inventory management, counterfeiting prevention, race timing tracking and Library system. Since RFID is a cheap and adaptive system, it could be applied to countless of projects, what if we use RFID system as an installation piece where every visitor was given a unique RFID tag and upon going close to the installation, it reacted differently to every visitor? It may be really amusing as a visitor.